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While I'm not the biggest binge-watcher of food or travel content, I am familiar with—and a fan of—eating things and seeing places, so let’s just dive right in. This is going to be a list of all the apps that will help you find things you want to eat, and see all the places you want to go. A curated list of tasty sandwiches, and trips to blow your vacation days on. It’s a guide to watching your spiritual and hunger-itual dreams on your TCL Roku TV.


TravelThis app is really fun. Browsing through, you can really get a good view of the landscape of the US. Go USA gives little profiles of US cities and landmarks you can use to plan your next road trip. Explore cities like Minneapolis, D.C., and Miami through the eyes of the lens. See what the locals see and get advice and insight into where your next trip may take you.


If I’m cooking, and if I’m watching content about cooking, this is one of my go-to apps. They’ve got recipes for everyone, from the resident chef-in-training and also the person-who-cooks-but-doesn’t-cook-all-the-time-or-whatever. Ifood.tv has easy little recipes that vary in range from quick fixes to all-day cooking marathons for when family and friends are over.

Travel Thru History

This app’s got some serious programming. The episodic content Travel Thru History has to offer gives tours, facts, and (eponymously) history of various cities across the globe. Explore the places you want to visit before you visit them; see the sights you’re going to see to know what you’ll see when you see them. There's plenty of completely free content here that's great for helping to plan and learn about your next vacation destination.

Cooking Panda

NoodlesEven though this app is named after one of the least tasty creatures in the animal kingdom, it’s got some good recipes involving the tastier kind. With an easy to use interface, Cooking Panda is a great option to get that new recipe you’re looking for, or to figure out what to do with that eggplant you bought for some reason. This app is totally free, and possibly the #1 resource for recipes that don’t involve cooking panda.


Tripsmart.tv’s got what you need. With content ranging from short travel guides and sightseeing destinations to full on episodes and 4K travel tips, it’s great if you’re planning a vacation, but also a fun watch. They do some great profiles of cities from all around the world, including good facts about culture, architecture, history, and more. Another free app to close out this list? Absolutely.

Congrats, you’ve made it through the tastiest blog in history. Whether you came to find the perfect recipe, plan your next vacation days, or were just browsing for something to watch, you’ve now got all the latest and greatest info for apps that look good and taste even better.