At TCL, not only do we pride ourselves on providing a great user experience out of the box, but also on many of our products, we introduce great updates that make the experience even better over time.

These automatic software updates go beyond adding modest performance enhancements. We rollout a host of improvements that include cool new features so that you can get even more from your TV.

Now, our latest updates to TCL TVs with Android TV bring a fresh look with new ways to discover what to watch.

Fresh New Look

With the latest automatic update, you will see some great changes right on your home screen. Along the top, things look clean and crisp with three options (along with the super-cool Google search function) including Home, Discover and Apps tabs. 

As always, the Home tab will bring you to your home screen, allowing you to access your favorite channels and apps. You get all the great things you like plus “Play Next,” which gets you back to watching your favorite show at the click of a button.

The Apps tab will quickly bring you to all your installed apps. From there you can arrange them to your liking, making access simple! 

Introducing Discover

The new Discover tab is where things get really fun! Looking for something new to watch? Wrapped up the final episode of your favorite sitcom, and wanting something new to start? Discover is the place to go! You’ll see movies and TV shows based on what you watch and what interests you. There, you can also see things what’s trending and all the latest options. These recommendations include both all your installed apps and your subscriptions. 

Owners of TCL TVs with Android TV should look forward to getting this update in the coming weeks, to help you find what to watch next and enjoy more.