With the arrival of TCL's latest Android TVs, your TV is now even more connected than ever. Not only do our smart TVs with Android TV feature an enhanced remote with voice control to make searching for movies and TV shows a breeze, but it comes with Google’s voice assistant built in to give you control over much more than just your entertainment.

Google Assistant is ready to help with a range of more obvious conveniences, like searching for a movie title or pausing the show you’re watching. There are many ways in which Google Assistant can simplify how you watch. However, with millions of available actions, the Google Assistant can do so much more, like streamline your day, help you learn more about the cast of your favorite movie, and even keep your guests entertained while you’re making popcorn in the next room. Here are a few of my favorites.

Wake Up Right

Tired of waking up to your phone’s jarring beeps, buzzes, and chimes? Set an alarm with Google Assistant and wake up to the morning news. Say, “Hey Google, wake me up at 7 am to Good Morning America,” and start your day off right. Not only will it turn the TV on, but if you have compatible devices, it will do such things as turn on you lights and open the blinds!

Stay Informed

Catch up on what’s happening around the world with a simple voice command. Ask your Google Assistant to show you the latest headlines by saying, “Hey Google, show me the news,” or “Hey Google, turn on CNN.”

Work it Out

These days your living room is much more than a living room. , it’s also a home gym. Put Google Assistant to work as a personal trainer by saying, “Hey Google, play yoga videos on YouTube.” When you aren't working out to a video, it’s also easy to receive a little motivation. Just ask your Google Assistant to play your workout playlist on Spotify and have it streamed on the big screen. 

“What’s that movie with the big car chase…”

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the name of a movie or actor. But, your Google Assistant can help. Just say, “Hey Google, what’s that movie with the big car chase…” With a TCL TV with Android TV, you won’t draw a blank.

Pick-up Where You Left Off

Things come up and sometimes we can’t get through a movie in one sitting. When you’re ready to continue the next day, there’s no need to sort through your streaming apps just to find it again. Just say “Hey Google, continue the movie,” and you’ll be able to pick-up right where you left off. 

Set the Mood

Google Assistant works with thousands of smart home devices, including smart plugs, door locks, kitchen appliances, and so much more. When you set up your compatible gadgets, you can call on your TV’s assistant to do a whole range of things that go beyond bringing up the movie. Now in addition to saying, “Hey Google, play Inception,” you can even add, “Hey Google, dim the lights.”  

Set Reminders

Sometimes watching your favorite TV show will remind you of an important task. When an epiphany strikes, just say “Hey Google, remind me to pick up the dry cleaning tomorrow,” all without leaving the couch or disrupting your entertainment.

Establish a Routine

When you set up a routine using the Google Assistant and the Google Home app, you can trigger multiple actions with just a single phrase. When you’re done watching TV for the night, just say “Hey Google, bedtime,” to turn off the lights, lock the doors, and adjust the thermostat.

Plan Your Day

Your TV’s assistant can help you with many things throughout your day. You can update your calendar, add a task to your to-do list, and check the weather forecast. Just say, “Hey Google, what’s the weather going to be like tomorrow,” or “Hey Google, show me today’s schedule” to stay on top of your day. 

Have Fun

In addition to being helpful, Google Assistant knows how to have fun. Say, “Hey Google, tell me a joke,” or “Hey Google, tell me something I don’t know.” You can even find a ton of fun easter eggs to reveal more of Google’s Assistant’s unique personality, so keep asking to discover more.

A Perfect Pairing

At the end of the day, we want you to enjoy more. With the award-winning quality of TCL TVs, combined with the knowledge of Google Assistant, we’re sure that enjoying TV will never be the same.