A Cord Cutter’s Life is a series of guest posts by Greg Baker, featuring stories on the motivations, challenges, and benefits to cutting cable. If you’ve considered cutting the cord, let our visiting Cord Cutting Guru show you how in this fun, helpful series.

We are living in the future that we have laid out for ourselves. We asked for flying cars, hover crafts, jet packs, and world peace—but instead—instead we got something better. We got something that was never dreamed of before, something so revolutionary that it has changed the very landscape of society as we know it. That’s right, we got the voice control on TCL Roku TVs.

Here’s the deal—we all know how annoying and horrible it is to type without a keyboard. This goes all the way back to ancient times, trying to type a screen name into your Xbox by manually going through, scrolling, finding, and clicking on each individual letter. It’s time consuming, it’s frustrating, and it makes no sense. I’ve always wanted a keyboard to just type what I wanna type, search what I wanna search—but instead—we got something where you don’t even have to exert your fingers. This is why TCL Roku TV’s voice search and controls are so revolutionary.

Know Siri? Remember when that first came out? So much fun. This is basically like Siri for your TV. All you do is press and hold down the button on your compatible TCL Roku TV remote, or using the Roku App, and it finds literally everything you want. Hmm, wanna find out what channel the Celtics are playing on? Roku knows. Wanna know if there’s any bad rom coms available to stream right now? Roku knows. Wanna watch TV shows that haven’t even aired yet? …Well maybe that’s a little far, but here are some examples of how you can use your voice:

Show me Tom Hanks movies.

Put on Hulu.

Can I watch The Good The Bad and The Ugly?

What’s a good romantic comedy?

What’s a bad romantic comedy?

Hello Roku, I wanna watch The Good Place.

I need Game of Thrones Season 4 right now.

Ayo girl, gimme some Curb Your Enthusiasm

What’s that Larry David show?

Put Always Sunny on, it’s on Hulu now.

Hello, my sweet robot friend, can I stream Mr. Robot?


You can pretty much say whatever you want, however you want. My personal favorite is calling my TV 'baby girl' but sometimes it just tries to get me to watch Baby Driver. Honestly? Win-win there. Ansel Elgort is a dream. But anyway—you just say what you want to the remote, and it’ll either take you directly to the show you wanna watch (way cool) or it’ll take you to the search results screen and have your show or some options laid out.

Yet, above all, this technology has all but eliminated the need for hands. Never again will we have to scroll on a remote, burdening our thumbs when that energy could be spent scrolling though our phones. It's so easy that you won't have to bother your weary thumbs again.