We live a pretty good life here at TCL North America.  Besides the fact that we live and work in Southern California and are blessed with some of the best weather on the planet, our job is to simply bring joy to people’s lives through the entertainment experience of our televisions. 

While your first reaction might be “you are JUST selling a TV”, consider this... 

Television allows people to see their world from a different angle.  The TV is most people’s window to the world.  The events unfolding in the world are brought vividly to life in your living room. 

The television allows people to escape from the daily pressures by providing an outlet where they can sit back and enjoy the fantasy of their favorite programs. 

What I think is most important though is that the TV brings families together to watch their favorite programs – that extremely rare time of day when the isolation of the ever-present phone is paused to cheer on your favorite team, your favorite performer, or your favorite designer.  Even the ever-present sitcom allows families to sit and laugh together.  The television is one of the last social places for a family and we have a responsibility to make that experience delightful.

When we launched the brand in North America, the leadership team wanted to have a different kind of company at TCL.  Obviously, the basics of business must be met.  We are responsible to create a sustainable business that delivers profit for our shareholders.  Without being successful in that basic function, the business simply cannot exist.  However, everything can’t be just about dollars and cents (or Renminbi, in our case).

In an attempt to put this spirit into writing, our #TCLcares program was created.  The program is simple and only has four “rules” that every TCLer must live by.

#TCLcares for our users.  It is our responsibility to add joy and simplification to their lives by innovating and advancing technology.

#TCLcares for our employees.  It is our commitment to provide an environment that embraces diversity, excellence, learning, and laughter.  

#TCLcares for the communities we serve.  We are all one and we are committed to find ways to give back and make a positive impact.

#TCLcares for our environment.  We have an obligation to minimize our footprint on the planet our users and employees call home.

It is our sincere belief that if we can let these four principals guide our decisions, we will be successful.  These four simple thoughts can apply to everything from product ideation and design to the way we deal with the retailers that partner with us to distribute our products.  These concepts serve as the driving force for the way we operate daily with our suppliers, with our users, and with our colleagues.

Being America’s Fastest-Growing TV brand is certainly exciting, but knowing I am part of a team of great people that is accomplishing much more than “just selling TVs” is even more rewarding.