Given all the effort our engineers put into designing and tuning our sound bars, we weren’t surprised when our Alto 7+ won PC Magazine’s Best Overall Value award for sound bars. Writing about the Alto 7+, Editors observed that “explosions in movies pack thunder, music sounds crisp, rich, and lively, and the whole setup simply exceeds our expectations.”

With great performance matched by easy set up (note: all the cables you’ll need are in the box!), you’ll sure to be enjoying your favorite action movie before you know it! 

In this post, I’ll remind you of some of the great features you can take advantage of during set up to make your future use even more enjoyable, as well as ways to get the most out of your sound bar after it’s ready to rock!

Simple Setup

Simple operation means the fewest number of remotes.  Depending on which model of TCL sound bar you get, you can use the analog audio in, HDMI ARC, or even use the included IR blaster cable to control the volume on your setup with one remote!

Optimize with Sound Modes

Don’t put that soundbar remote away in the drawer just yet!  All models let you tailor the sound based on what you like, but we’ve continued to keep that adjustment simple. Movie, Music and News sound presets take the often-complicated process of adjusting the audio and whittles it down to three simple buttons. The presets even optimize the level of the wireless subwoofer on our “plus” models. Just choose the one you like best and you are all set!

Adjust Your Exposure to Bass

While you might see sound bars placed prominently in photos or in full view at your neighbor’s house, I find that subwoofers are better heard and not seen! You can place the subwoofer in virtually any part of the living room.  As a guideline, I’d place it on the floor, in a corner, with an inch or two of space around it.  But there’s no harm in moving it around to see where the bass sounds best.

Stream Music Wirelessly

Ready for some tunes without turning the TV on?  Don’t forget that every TCL sound bar comes with Bluetooth® built in.  Simply pair your smartphone or tablet, launch your favorite music streaming services and enjoy.

So, the next time you are ready to watch a blockbuster movie, you’ll be ready with an amazing picture and great sound. And thanks to TCL and our award-winning TVs and sound bars, we have you covered on both fronts so that you can enjoy more.