They’re here!! They’re here!!

We are so excited to have launched the newest generation of our award-winning 5-Series and 6-Series TVs. In just a short time, the accolades have already started to pour in, with editors at Techive saying “TCL’s 6-series 4K UHD smart TVs with mini-LED backlighting are eye-poppingly affordable,” or getting the Editors' Choice from only a few short days after launch!

Why all of the excitement?! Well, here are just my top five reasons:

Mini-LED with Contrast Control Zones

Compared to traditional “high-end” LED TVs, with maybe a couple hundred of LEDs (at best!) in the backlight, TCL’s new 6-Series has thousands! This allows for precise contrast control in up to 240 zones, for amazingly bright whites and deep, rich blacks. No one else offers this!

QLED Color

Since introducing the world’s first Quantum Dot TV more than five years ago, TCL has been perfecting this amazing color technology and now offers it in not only the 6-Series, but also for the first time in the new 5-Series! QLED reproduces all the amazing colors moviemakers use to create their breathtaking content with richness and vibrancy! We expect the new 5-Series to be one of the most affordable QLED TVs in the market.

HDR Pro Pack

Want the super bright colors to POP watching La La Land, or get in the gloomy mood of enjoying Game of Thrones? TCL’s HDR Pro Pack delivers on all fronts with super bright colors, incredible shadow detail and inky blacks deliver the good on the promise of great HDR and Dolby Vision performance (and don’t forget Dolby Atmos on the 6-Series for sound to match the picture!).

Don’t Forget the Gamers!

Not only does the 5-Series offer some amazing gaming features like Auto Game Mode, and low input lag, but the new 6-Series builds on that by offering cutting-edge features such as Variable Refresh Rate, a 120Hz panel, and tops it off by being the world’s first TV with a THX Certified Game Mode. You know THX, founded by a little-known moviemaker George Lucas! Their exacting specs ensure the ultimate gaming experience for our customers!

Premium Design

Hard to make a rectangle look sexy? Well, the TCL 5- and 6-Series have our FullView edge-to-edge design, so you’ll see more screen and less cabinet. We also want to ensure form meets function, accommodating anyone’s home theater. That’s why all 5- and 6-Series have integrated cable management to keep things neat—no more zip ties! Plus, the larger sizes (65” and 75”) even have adjustable, two-position feet to sit where they might not have before. Imagine a 65” TV fitting on a stand less than 21” wide!


We’ve built on our reputation for delivering great products and added all the great features to the 5 Series that marries premium picture and endless entertainment for a stellar home theater experience: QLED color, Contrast Control Zones, HDR with Dolby Vision, and a gorgeous design. The 6-Series adds on to that, with our AMAZING Mini-LED technology, even more Contrast Control Zones, throw in a THX Certified Game Mode, and we ended up with a TV that delivers on all the important fronts: advanced display technology, picture performance and cinematic beauty.