For many, TCL means great TVs, and rightly so! We make over 30 million great TVs every year! And while folks seem to know that, we are also the world’s largest supplier using Roku’s operating system. We’re even the world’s largest supplier of TVs using Google’s operating systems.

But if you think we are just a TV company: you don’t know…well, TCL.

  • Did you know that the refrigeration arm of TCL can turn out up to 40,000 refrigerators a day?
  • Did you know our appliance manufacturing facility is over 16 million square feet?
  • Did you know we own and operate the largest major appliance manufacturing facility in Asia?

All this means that TCL is way more than TVs.

For 2023 our appliance offerings will be bigger and better, allowing you to enjoy TCL in every room of your house.

Comfort, made simple

Keeping folks cool and comfortable when it’ hot has always been something TCL excels at. This year we are expanding our AC lineup, currently available in nearly any size of window or wall combination. Plus, we put our engineers in a room and said, “don’t come out until you come up with an AC that’s super easy to install.” (We didn’t really do that 😊)

The resulting Q-Series Air Conditioner truly delivers on that promise, with the seemingly contradictory benefits of powerful cooling and low noise.

Comfort comes from powerful yet quiet fans and a cool new trick: our AI Inverter. Instead of an old-school compressor, with its clunking on-off operation, our AI inverter sees the situation and can vary itself to quietly, effectively, and efficiently, cool a room.

Picture how a gas stove works when you precisely adjust the flame instead of the crude levels found on an electric stove, e.g. “medium” on an electric stove is just on “high” half the time and “off” half the time. This, and great engineering, also make it quiet…like 42db quiet! That’s about the level of a premium refrigerator and way less than a normal inside conversation. That’s cool!

New for 2023 will also be more sizes, from a small room to the largest living area, there will be a Q-Series AC for nearly anyone.

And let’s talk ease-of-install, the icing on the Q-Series cake. A typical air conditioner can have dozens of parts in the box, and often requires dis-assembly of the unit before the install can begin (seriously!). 

Our Q-Series, aside from security items, has roughly 2 items in the box other than the air conditioner itself... and those 2 pieces are foam. All the parts of the “wings” come pre-installed on the AC, and you simply fold them outward, snap them into place and…bada-bing-bada-boom (originally said in 1958’s The Italian Wedding…take that Godfather and The Sopranos fans)…it’s in the window!

And the simplicity theme continues after installation. With the Auto setting, it’s like having central air or climate control in your car.  Just set the temp, and let it go to work. There are cool filter-clean reminders, an “air-swing” to better distribute air, plus the ability to control it with just your voice with support for Alexa and Hey Google.  There are timers as well to set it to turn on as you get home from work! Really slick!

Even cooler coverage

In addition to our exciting new Q-Series AC, we are introducing some all-new refrigeration products in 2023.

We will have refrigerators up to a new 18 cubic foot model, available in an array of colors, with great features like glass shelves, LED lighting, electronic temperature control, and gallon storage. 

Keeping your favorite beverages chilled will be easy, and stylish, with our assortment of beverage and wine coolers from up to 46 bottles or up to 161 cans, with premium temperature control (single or dual zone), wooden shelves, and easily reversible doors. These will fit any upscale décor and have your favorite drinks ready for you on gameday—and every day.

Hey! I know what you can do in a comfy 72° room, while enjoying a nice cold beer… watch the game on a GIANT TCL TV!