Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest tech event, TCL always has an awesome showcase. As the world’s second-largest TV manufacturer, I am always excited to see cool stuff we are making and selling all over the world. 

The only bittersweet part every year is seeing our amazing global products powered by Android TV and the Google ecosystem. For the longest time, they were not available here in North America. Well…not anymore!

In addition to our ever-expanding line of fantastic TCL Roku TVs available in the U.S. and Canada, TCL has recently launched a line of TCL Android TVs. Why is that so exciting? Well, below are some of my favorite things about our TCL Android TVs:

All Your Favorites—Front and Center

With access to thousands of streaming apps with loads of movies and TV episodes, you can watch what you want, how you want, when you want.

Google Assistant is Ready to Help

Help from Google Assistant is a click (or voice command) away. Having loads of great content is nothing if it isn’t easy to find. With Android TVs, simply call up the Google Assistant on the voice remote and say, “find Die Hard.” It will perform a powerful search to show you not only the classic movie, but also great related clips on YouTube, Fandango and more.

Search in a Snap

While watching, does that villain trying to rob Nakatomi Plaza and get Bruce Willis look familiar, but you can’t quite place him? Simply asking Google will let you know Hans Gruber was played by legendary actor Alan Rickman.

Plan Your Day

Google’s real strength comes from being able to harness information, and TCL Android TVs let you enjoy that power with quick answers to your questions—even beyond entertainment. You can also use your TCL Android TV to help you out with your day. Easily call up helpful things by saying:

  • “Is there traffic on my way to work,” and then send driving directions right to your phone to guide you.
  • “What will the weather be like this weekend,” and see the detailed forecast.
  • “Show me movie times for Wonder Woman 1984,” and know when you should leave the house.
Smart Home Made Simple

In addition to all of that, you can connect your TCL Android TV to your wider Google-powered smart home ecosystem. Saying “Let’s watch a movie” can trigger all your connected devices to do things like dim the lights, draw the blinds, and fire up the TV! Movie time has never been more fun!

All of this amazing capability would mean nothing if it were connected to a less-than-stellar TV.  Thankfully, it’s a TCL inside and out, meaning you’ll get the quality and performance of PC Magazine’s back-to-back Readers' Choice Award winner, TCL! That means, simply, customers love their TCL TVs! Being able to deliver that consistent, reliable performance is what’s made TCL the second best-selling TV brand in the world. Don’t believe me? Ask your TCL Android TV…😊