One of the things I look forward to at the beginning of every year is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as it brings so much joy to technology fans, giving us a glimpse into the future and what gadgets may shape the way we live.

CES 2021 certainly proved there was reason for optimism about the year ahead. COVID-19 restrictions kept the show from taking place in the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, but the enthusiasm around new innovations couldn’t have been stronger.  

Processors and Graphics That Shape the Way We Play

Some of the biggest technological advances in computers are often tailored to those who enjoy gaming at peak performance levels. The most immersive experiences needs to be aided by powerful hardware, such as processors and graphic cards.

As gamers demand more from their machines, component manufacturers are moving rapidly to meet the demands of this dedicated, and most passionate audience.

This year we saw some of the largest chipmakers announce new chips that were going into production, meaning elite gaming performance will start reaching slimmer, sleeker applications such as laptops and mobile devices.

Sub 9 nanometer chips and intelligent graphics cards mean that visual performance and the demand for vivid picture will be at the front of consumers’ minds in the future.

Food and Fitness for COVID-era Comfort

I am one of the many people who has spent more time cooking meals in the kitchen due to our COVID restrictions, but I did miss several meals that were not possible to cook at home. This often meant I was forced to order unhealthy takeout options or face unbearable cravings. It truly was deciding between the lesser of two evils.

However, there is hope on the horizon with some unique announcements from the virtual show floor. Last year’s robotic bread making machine was replaced by a DIY home soft serve device which provides quality ice cream right at your kitchen countertop. Another key emphasis in kitchen technology was mastering the art of cooking sous vide. Using proper thermo regulation leads to an all-around well-cooked meal—one that that was once seen as intimidating or impossible to accomplish at home.

After indulging in a sweet treat and sous vide style steaks, there are many new ways to get a proper workout allowing you to indulge without feeling to guilty. From CES, there was an influx in new wearable technology which makes getting into the workout mood much easier. Devices have put an emphasis on audio quality as well as battery life to keep you motivated.

Having access to your own personal gym also became much easier at CES as many companies announced their launch into subscription-based health services. Just like paying a gym membership, certain applications are now available for on-demand workout classes that can be accomplished with a yoga mat and a set of dumbbells. The best part about these applications is that the content they are generating comes from world-class trainers, meaning you are getting an expert’s opinion throughout every workout. When the quarantine finally gets lifted, step out of your home feeling better than ever after indulging in new meals and sharping a new physique.

An Emphasis on a Connected Home Ecosystem

While we are all extremely excited at all the new technologies announced at this year’s event, there’s always a need to keep our various devices connected. Hardware and software tend to clash amongst certain devices and there are always seem to be minor issues that developers never anticipate upfront, causing a slow adoption to what is supposed to be innovation.

This year, it seems like manufacturers have learned from the past and there was certainly an emphasis on simplicity. Keeping devices on friendly talking terms is important for developing great user experiences that people will rely on every single day.

Take some of TCL’s own announcements at CES, for example. We have introduced new mobile phones, TVs, wearables, audio devices, and home appliances at CES 2021, but we’ve also thought ahead and made our devices not only extremely easy to pair not only with each other but also with existing devices or smart home ecosystems. Whether you are controlling our Air Purifier from the new TCL Home app, or pairing your TCL sound bar with Android or iOS devices, keeping the power in the palm of your hands means peace of mind and simplicity for a modern smart home.