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Next-Gen Display Technology is Already Here

Why Choose Mini LED

Why Choose TCL Mini-LED?

Striking Brightness

Thousands of Mini-LEDs deliver incredible brightness, for dramatic highlights and richer, more lifelike HDR performance.

Mini-LED Brightness
Mini-LED Brightness
Precise local dimming and contrast

Precision Contrast Control

Precisely controlled Mini-LEDs in an active matrix backlight yields breathtaking contrast, capable of displaying deeper blacks and brighter whites simultaneously, for greater depth, detail and dimension.

6-Series Mini-LED QLED TV
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The award-winning 6-Series elevates your home viewing experience with cinema-inspired technologies that bring out every detail, produce accurate color, and deliver breathtaking contrast, all with incredible realism.

OD Zero Mini-LED technology
Next-Gen Mini-LED

Introducing OD Zero

OD Zero, or Optical Depth Zero, refers to the distance between the backlight and LCD display layer in TVs featuring this technology. In another industry first for TCL, that distance is zero.

Smaller OD Zero Mini-LEDs

Miniature, But Mighty

OD Zero features our smallest Mini-LEDs yet, greatly increasing the number of Contrast Control Zones. By minimizing the LED footprint, TCL maximizes precision backlighting, smoothly distributed across the screen, for ultimate contrast and luminance.

Advanced Mini-LED Optics

Revolutionary Optics

Third-generation Mini-LED technology revolutionizes the size and performance of the LED lens, improving output and light uniformity.

Thinnest QLED TV
Thinnest QLED TV

Thinner Than Ever

With a more compact optical stack OD Zero offers the same precision contrast and brilliant luminance Mini-LED TVs are known for, but in a revolutionary new design for our thinnest QLED TVs yet.

Vertical integration
Vertical integration

The Secret to Mini-LED Innovation

Introducing the world's first Mini-LED TV and innovating faster than the industry is made possible by our expanding vertical integration where all core components are designed, integrated and manufactured in-house by TCL.