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TCL NXTWEAR G smart glasses create a stunningly expanded view, which is the equivalent of watching a 140-inch screen, 4 meters away. Explore a crisp and clear cinema-like feeling delivered by 47 pixels-per-degree resolution and dual 1080p Sony FHD Micro OLED panels while stereo speakers bring ultra-rich sound.

TCL Linkhub 5G Outdoor CPE

The TCL LINKHUB 5G outdoor CPE will use integrated, high-gain antennas to pick up the best 5G signals across all bands. This makes it ideal for people who live in areas with fewer base stations, helping operators to grow their 5G subscriptions.

TCL Multi-screen Collaboration

TCL’s Multi-Screen vision starts with whatever device you have on you, creating seamless flow as you move through physical and digital environments.

TCL 5G for All

Innovating across product categories is one string in TCL’s bow, and another is driving affordable 5G solutions for all. TCL has been a 5G pioneer for years, having debuted one of the first 5G USB terminals, created specifically for users on the go.Staying true to the mission of making 5G accessible, we’re bringing you the most exciting and affordable 5G smartphone yet.

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