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TCLデバイス&内蔵バッテリー (1)                                                                                             12か月(2)     


TCLアクセサリー(3)。USBケーブル、充電器、イヤホン、着脱式バッテリー(1)                           6か月(2)






- 使用説明書、取付説明書、またはデバイスが使用される地域で適用される技術基準および安全基準に違反した使用。

- メーカーが提供または推奨しない機器に接続した場合。

- メーカーまたはその関連会社が認可していない個人が行った修理。

- メーカーが認可していない個人が行ったソフトウェアまたはハードウェアの修正、調整、変更。

- 悪天候、雷、火事、湿度、液体や食品の浸潤、化学製品、悪意のあるファイル/ソフトウェア(マルウェア)の侵入やダウンロード、クラッシュ、高電圧、腐食、酸化。





(a) 保証修理またはサービスが可能でない場合があります。

(b) 条件への同意および/または特定の費用(送料および取扱手数料を含むがこれに限定されない)の支払いを求められる場合があります。

(c) 保証修理またはサービスが可能な場合、完了までに通常より時間がかかる場合があります。









(2) 保証期間は、購入した国および/または購入した流通ルートによって異なる場合があります。

(3) 含まれている場合。





Limited warranty

Additional Rights under Consumer Laws

As the consumer you may have legal (statutory) rights that are in addition to those set out in this Limited Warranty offered by Manufacturer voluntarily, such as the consumer laws of the country in which you live (“Consumer Rights”). This Limited Warranty sets out certain situations when the Manufacturer will, or will not, provide a remedy for the TCL device. This Limited Warranty does not limit or exclude any of your Consumer Rights relating to the TCL device.

Manufacturer Warranty Coverage

This Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty sets forth the warranty responsibilities of the Manufacturer regarding TCL branded hardware and accessories manufactured by or on behalf of the Manufacturer.

The Manufacturer warrants to the original end-user purchaser of a new TCL device (“You”), that the TCL device will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use from a period that commences on the date of original purchase by You and continuing for the following specified period of time for each applicable type of TCL device (the "Warranty period”).

This Limited Warranty is not transferable by you.

The applicable Warranty period is listed below:

TCL Device & Embedded battery (1)

12 months (2)     

TCL accessories(3): USB cable, Charger, Earphone, Removable battery(1)                                        

 6 months (2)

In case of any defect of your device which prevents you from normal use thereof, you must immediately inform your vendor and present your device with your proof of purchase.

If the defect is confirmed by the Manufacturer or its authorised service providers, your device or part thereof will be either repaired or replaced, as appropriate. Repair or replacement may be carried out using reconditioned components offering equivalent functionality.

This warranty covers the costs of repair or replacement (labour and spare parts) but excludes any other costs.

This warranty shall not apply to defects on your device and/or accessory due to (without any limitation),

- Non-compliance use with the instructions for use or installation, or with technical and safety standards applicable in the geographical area where your device is used;

- Connection to any equipment not supplied or not recommended by the Manufacturer;

- Repair performed by individuals not authorised by the Manufacturer or its affiliates;

- Modification, adjustment or alteration of software or hardware performed by individuals not authorised by the Manufacturer;

- Inclement weather, lightning, fire, humidity, infiltration of liquids or foods, chemical products, intrusion or download of malicious files/software (malware), crash, high voltage, corrosion, oxidation.

In no event shall the Manufacturer or any of its affiliates be liable for indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever, including but not limited to commercial or financial loss or damage, loss of data or loss of image to the full extent those damages can be disclaimed by law.

Some countries/states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of indirect, incidental or consequential damages, or limitation of the duration of implied warranties, so the preceding limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

If your TCL device is returned during the Warranty period, but your TCL device is not covered under this limited warranty, terms and charges may apply for any repair or processing performed.

If you do not live in the country where the TCL device was originally sold to you then,

(a) Warranty repair or service may not be possible;

(b) You may be required to agree to terms and/or to pay certain costs (including but not limited to, shipping and handling costs);

(c) The warranty repair or service, if possible, may take longer than normal to complete.

Back Up Your Data

You should regularly backup your data, files, applications and settings as a safeguard against possible operational issues including prior to the return of the TCL device. Data backup is your responsibility and is not the responsibility of the Manufacturer, the retailer through whom You purchased the TCL device, or the Manufacturer's authorised service providers through whom You may have received servicing, (repair or replacement of the TCL device).

If you need to send/leave your TCL device for servicing, we recommend you to remove from your device any peripherals (memory card, SIM card) and personal and confidential data before sending/leaving your TCL device.

During the servicing (repair or replacement) content on your TCL device may be deleted, reformatted or configured as originally purchased (subject to then current updates and upgrades of software) and peripherals removed may not be returned to you.

This limited warranty does not cover the backup, recovery or reinstallation of your data, files and applications to the TCL device.



(1)    The life of a rechargeable device battery in terms of conversation time, standby time and total service life, will depend on the conditions of use and network configuration.

(2)    The Warranty period may vary depending on your country of purchase and/or channel of purchase.

(3)    If included.