Capture greatness with a powerfully versatile NXTVISION 64MP AI quad-camera system.

A 64MP Ultra High-Resolution Camera, 2.9μm Low-Light Camera, Super Wide-Angle Camera and Macro Camera empower you to make your moments exceptional.


64MP ultra high-res camera

PDAF & LDAF laser focus


2.9μm Low-Light Camera

960FPS Super Slow-Mo

Super Night

4-in-1 pixel selfies


16MP Super Wide-Angle Camera

5MP Macro Camera

Highly detailed

Experience every detail with TCL 10 Pro's 64MP Ultra High-Resolution Camera.

Images reach up to 9280 x 6944 pixel resolution, so you can print them into a personal photo or a billboard with no loss of picture quality.

Instantly focused

Know your photos are instantly clear day or night even with a moving subject using hybrid auto focus. Provide your daytime pictures crisp detail with phase detection auto focus (PDAF). Take clear images even in the dark with advanced laser detection auto focus (LDAF).

Vivid night video

Stay in the action any time of day with a 2.9μm big-pixel low-light video camera. Equipped with pixels two times larger, it lets you capture brighter, vivid video in the lowest lighting conditions.

Dramatic super slow-mo

Give your moments more gravitas and flare with 960 frames per second slow motion. It makes every second 32 times slower with excellent clarity and color day or night.

Superior night photos

Make the night bright wherever it takes you with a Low-Light Camera that automatically creates images three times brighter*1 in extreme low-light environments*2.

Don't miss any detail, color or clarity in the dark with Super Night for perfect night photos.


Create brighter self-portraits with 4-in-1 big pixel technology that provides twice the light.

Phenomenal full scenes

Take in the view with a Super Wide-Angle Camera that captures photos and videos with 3.6 times more content *3 at any distance.

Finer details

Get closer with a Macro Camera that allows you to shoot up to 2 centimeters away from your subject for capturing the most delicate details.

1. Data based on results from TCL Camera Lab tests.

2. Extreme low-light environments refers to brightness conditions below 1 lux.

3. Compared to the standard camera angle (about 74 degrees) excluding wide-angle distortion correction. Data based on results from TCL Camera Lab tests.

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