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TCL Wins 2023 Red Dot Award for TCL S6 Series Home Theatre Soundbar




Hearing is believing with immersive surround sound from the ultimate partner of TCL Mini LED QLED TVs


TCL, a global top 2 TV brand and top 1 98-inch TV brand, is proud to announce its new TCL S6 Series Home Theatre Soundbar has won the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design in 2023, reinforcing TCL’s expertise in developing outstanding home entertainment solutions for consumers across the globe.

Established for over 60 years, The Red Dot award is a highly recognized international endorsement, and the benchmark for outstanding design. Receiving a distinction for its design quality and degree of innovation, the TCL S6 Series Home Theatre range is comprised of three models, created to fit any living space.

The Award-Winning Sound of the TCL S6 Home Theatre Series

The powerful 5.1-inch TCL S645W has five surround sound channels, two satellite channels and a ground shaking subwoofer, for a rich, immersive audio experience. Multiple channels provide a stronger enveloping sound, with the 70W bass 5.5” subwoofer adding depth for booming audio. Users can freely place the satellite speakers and enjoy real sound from the rear, experimenting with different sounding positions whilst playing games or getting immersed in an action-packed movie.


The compact and mighty 3.1-inch TCLS643W packs an impressive punch with the same 70W bass subwoofer for immense depth of sound. With three full-range speakers providing larger sound output, the central speakers enhance a better dialogue listening experience. Likewise with the nifty 2.1-inch TCL S642W, two surround sound channels and a 60W subwoofer allow listeners to enjoy strong bass and feel distinctive sound quality, far superior to other single soundbars without a subwoofer.



All soundbars in the TCL S6 Home Theatre series Max Audio ouput is astonishing. The sound pressure with least disortion that results in the combined power of the soundbar, subwoofer and satelite speakers. More power richer sound structure and a more immersive experince for the user. The Max Audio Power of the S645W, S643W and S642W is 300W, 240W and 200W respectively, means they are ideal for the use in larger home space.

Impressive Audio Features Meet Smart Connectivity

All models in the TCL S6 Home Theatre range come equipped with Dolby Audio - certified enhanced sound reproduction that provides a multi-channel audio experience. Delivering crystal clarity, easy-to-hear dialogue, crisp details, and realistic surround sound, these soundbars are the perfect partner to any TV set, ensuring consumers get the most from their entertainment set-up.

The TCL S6 Home Theatre series also comes with DTS Virtual:X, an audio codec designed to provide a sense of multi-dimensional space. This 3D sound effect envelopes users so that sound appears to emerge from above, beside and behind the listener, providing an immersive experience in any room.

For deeper and richer sound, the Bass Boost feature enables the subwoofer to emit stronger bass sound just with one click, meaning it can reach maximum output power instantly for the ultimate dramatic effect.

All TCL S6 Home Theatre soundbars come with six Specialized Sound Modes suitable for different viewing and listening scenarios. Users can select from standard, movie, music, sports, voice, and game mode for optimized viewing experiences.

Better still, all models come with seamless connection capabilities for your added convenience. Equipped with Roku TV Ready, Bluetooth wireless music, Bluetooth 5.3 (the highest Bluetooth version on the market for enhanced connectivity and efficiency) and Voice Assistant, the TCL S6 Home Theatre is ready to sync up and channel sound from any input source.