Where is the serial number located on my product?

The serial number is located on the back of the TV and is in the form of a code; for example Z1201000000.
On certain connected TVs, the serial number can also be found in the TV’s menu.

What warranty is provided for TCL products?

The TV products distributed directly by TCL are subject to a 2-year nationwide manufacturer’s warranty.
Be careful with imports from foreign countries: the TV may be subject to different warranty rules.

Where can I purchase a new TCL remote control?

You can purchase an original remote control from your retailer, who will procure it directly from TCL.

Which universal remote controls are compatible with TCL TVs?

You can purchase a universal remote control from our partner Logitech’s Harmony range.

What is the password for resetting a TV locked in parent mode?

Remarks about the password for the Parental Control Locking function.
The default password is 1234. The user can change it. The super password is 0423 or 0812 (depending on the platform).
If you forget your code, enter the super password to cancel all the current codes.

How do you connect wireless headphones without switching off the TV’s sound?

When you connect the wireless headphones using the 'headphones' socket for that purpose, the TV’s sound will switch off.
However, if you want to use headphones without switching off the TV’s sound, to do that, you need to use a specific adapter (not provided) in order to connect the headphones to the Peritel socket.

Using the PVR (recording broadcasts)

You must use a USB key, which must be inserted into the apparatus. This must be in FAT32 format, with enough capacity to enable recording (minimum of 1 GB) and a write speed of 8 Mbps. Count on 16 GB for 1 hour’s worth of recording.
Only free channels can be recorded, and viewing these recordings can be done only on this TV due to copyright reasons.
To make a PVR recording: Press "Option" on the remote control and select "PVR quick access" (OK). Then, press the red button (at the bottom of the remote control) to start the recording and press the green button to stop the recording manually.
If you have opted for automatic recording, use the browsing arrows to adjust the recording time. If the recording time is reached, then the recording will stop automatically.

May I connect an external hard drive to my TV?

It is possible to connect 3.5" external hard drives to your TV if they are in FAT32 format. 3.5" hard drives do in fact have the special feature of having their own power supply, which is not the case with most of the 2.5" hard drives on the market.
It is possible to connect a self-powered 2.5" hard drive, but the TV cannot guarantee a continuous minimum power supply for guaranteeing recording or playing.
We do not recommend such self-powered hard drives.

What type of USB key can I connect to my TV?

Some TVs have a USB port reserved solely for maintenance purposes. Consequently, refer to your user manual to make sure that your TV features a multi-media USB port. The USB port must be in FAT32 format and have sufficient speed to enable film playing that is not jerky (8 Mbps is recommended).

I can not read films using the TV's USB port

This is a frequently occurring issue with files in .AVI and .DIVX format and depends on the codec used when the file is created. If the file is unreadable, that means that its codec is not compatible with the TV.

My TV switches itself off after 4 hours.

All TVs are now equipped with the European power-saving system. This cuts off after 4 hours, without any interaction with the TV (the remote control, buttons). The TV will display an information message stating that it is switching itself off automatically. It is possible to modify this switch-off time in the TV’s menu.

What does the AIR/SATELLITE/CABLE selection screen that appears during installation mean?

This choice enables the TV to search channels as follows: AIR To be used if your TV reception is via an aerial antenna. CABLE To be used if you receive TV from a cable operator. SATELLITE To be used if you receive TV from an operator via a satellite receiver.

Why is there is a time lag between the sounds and images on my TV?

If the time lag is due to an external source, go to Menu – Option (OK), and then Type SPDIF, and select the function which best corrects this time-lag problem (Off, Dolby D or PCM).

I have some questions about Personal data protection policy

Please submit your request on personal data or privacy policy here, we will response to you soon.