Join the 5G revolution with TCL 10 5G. Achieve more with a powerfully reliable 5G connection, more stable Wi-Fi, an upgraded AI engine.

Perform at the next level with a large battery, large memory and charging you can do fast and on the go. Find your way with hyper-accurate dual-band GPS.

Enhanced performance

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G 5G mobile platform

Faster streaming & downloads
Upgraded AI engine

Hyper-accurate dual-band GPS

Enhanced connection

Stand-alone (SA) & non-stand-alone (NSA) networks

Stabler wide-coverage Wi-Fi

Enhanced capability

4500mAh battery

6GB+128GB memory

Fast charging

OTG reverse charging

5G performance

Have the power of 5G in your hands with TCL 10 5G. Experience revolutionary speeds, faster streaming and downloads as well as enhanced AI features and hyper-accurate GPS with its Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G 5G mobile platform.

Transformative 5G connectivity gives you five times faster download speeds up to 2.3Gbps*1 and upload speeds up to 200Mbps*2 for seamlessly smooth HDR streaming. Use its speed to share your own high-resolution 4K video and 64MP images 2.5 times faster than the standard 4G phone.*3

Enjoy greater capability and control with AI features including speech recognition that run 1.75*4 time faster. Always know where you are wherever life takes you with dual-band GPS for faster, more precise location locks.

Ultra-fast reliable connection

Faster, more stable connection is yours whether you're using your network or Wi-Fi with TCL 10 5G.

Enjoy increased data bandwidth and reliability with TCL 10 5G's stand-alone (SA) and non-stand-alone (NSA) 5G networks.*5 Stream on a stable Wi-Fi connection that's two times faster*6 farther from the router with no drop-offs with dual-band Wi-Fi, 2x2 MIMO and MU-MIMO support. Effortlessly connect multiple users to your network.

Fast performance

Perform at a higher level with features that give you the ability to go as fast as TCL 10 5G's high-speed processing.

Launch and run multiple apps with a 6GB RAM that lets you switch smoothly between them for easy multitasking. Never choose between storage space and the high-quality photos and videos you enjoy with a 128GB memory that can hold up to 5,000 ultra high-res photos.*7
Go all day for work or play with a 4500mAh battery. Be confident knowing your phone and other devices are only a few minutes away from a full charge with Quick Charging 3.0 fast charging and on-the-go reverse charging.

1. Based on theoretical download speed of standard 4G phones (400Mbps) compared to TCL 10 5G (2.3Gbps).

2. Based on the upload speed of a standard 4G phone (75Mbpbs) compared to the upload speed of TCL 10 5G (200Mbps).

3. Data are theoretical values in the sub-6 band based on the theoretical download speed of a standard 4G phone (400Mbpbs) to the download speed of TCL 10 5G (2.3Gbps). Real speed depends on user network and other factors.

4. Compared to SDM730 AIE (2019).

5. Upgradable to support 5G New Radio (NR) stand-alone networks. Availability varies by country and carrier.

6. TCL 10 5G can connect to 2.4Gz and 5Gz Wi-Fi channels simultaneously.

7. Refers to 20MB photos taken at 64MP resolution. Dependent upon available end user memory.

All 5G speeds are based on theoretical values in the sub-6 band. Real speeds depend on user's networks and other factors.

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