Immersive Gaming Experience

Gear up for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

It is a playground with plenty of games and related contents, such as AirConsole, which is a 3rd party cloud hub for users to access games easily without long-waiting downloading. It also connects to other platforms to simply grab live streaming eSports content.

Low Input Lag and Quick Response

For gamers, a responsive TV is just as important as one with a good picture, with HDMI 2.1 and ALLM, you'll experience the loweest latency and the best picture settings for gaming automatically.

Never Miss A Detail In Fast Moving Action

MEMC algorithm reduces motion display blurs, deducts image tearing and guarantees a silky smooth scene.

No Tearing | No Stuttering | Just Gaming

TCL TVs are certified with AMD FreeSync™ Premium1 technology that equips serious gamers with a fluid, tear-free gameplay experience at peak performance.