Delivery Policy




1. The item(s) delivered will be the same item(s) stated in the delivery note.

2. The customer is advised to be physically around during the delivery to ensure all items are received.

3. The item will not be released to the customer if full payment is not received.

4. If delivery is uncompleted due to insufficient payment, the customer will be subjected to a re-delivery fee.

5. If the customer insists on delivery during weekends or any public holiday, additional charges may apply.

6. The company will reserve the right of the time of delivery. There is no weekend delivery. For any weekend and public holiday delivery requests, the customer may have to bear the overtime fee of the delivery team.

7. Any special request of delivery timings that are out of office hours will be subjected to the approval from the company.

8. Bulky items are items that weigh more than 30KG and/or have dimensions that are more than 150cm (L or W or H). Bulky items are inclusive of items that need assembly or mounting.

9. The delivery team will confirm the date of delivery 1-2 days in advance. Once confirmed, no cancellation is allowed unless subject to approval.

10. A redelivery fee of SGD70.00 will apply for any failed deliveries. For last-minute changes in delivery details, an additional service fee will be incurred to the customer.

11. For the delivery, it is applicable to lift access level floor only. For any non-lift level, a service fee of SGD10 per level up or down is chargeable to the customer. The customer also has to inform the delivery team prior to delivery.

12. Upon the delivery of bulky item, a delivery note will have to be signed by the customer and the outstanding payment have to be paid on the spot to the delivery team.

13. The company does not do any overseas delivery, if this service is needed, the customer is to arrange the relevant delivery themselves.

14. All returns, exchanges and warranty policies will be voided for any item that is shipped overseas.

15. The delivery team will only be responsible to assist with the basic checks. All other additional services will be subjected to a fee.

16. The company bears no responsibility for any terms and charges agreed during the delivery with the buyer and the delivery team.

17. Customers are advised to keep all packaging for 14 days upon delivery.


18. The company reserved all the rights to amend this term and condition from time to time.

19. Please refer to the website privacy for other terms.