How Do QLED TVs Improve Your Viewing Experience?




QLED TVs are taking the market by storm due to their immense popularity. Some of the flagship product models of prominent Tech giants include QLED TVs. Brands like TCL are also fighting this competition with top-tier TCL QLED TVs.


But many people still do not know what makes QLED TV a good choice. Is it a better choice over OLED? How will QLED technology enhance your viewing experience? We figured many of you have these questions. So, we'll explain all these in the rest of this article.


What Is QLED TV?

Before we go any further, we should clarify what QLED is. QLED is the shortened form of the quantum dot light-emitting diode. The quantum dot layer is the primary difference between a regular LED and a QLED TV. Quantum dots are nanocrystals that have no light of their own; instead, they have a reaction when an external backlight falls on them and produces brilliant colors.

Many people are not aware of the intricacies behind the technology and how it differs from others. The most noticeable difference is that the quantum dot layer enhances the visual of the LED display. This enhancement affects the color profile and the brightness of the images, which endows QLED TV with the ability to bring superior color precision.  


How Does QLED TV Improve the Viewing Experience?

We believe you are now clear about what QLED TVs are. We will now explain why it is so popular and how it can affect your viewing experience.


1. Higher Brightness

One of the first things you would notice about a QLED TV is its brightness. It is noticeably brighter and more precise than TVs built with other core technology. QLED uses LED backlights as the core. That allows it to have a higher brightness profile in sunlight than most other screens. Most people who have a relatively open room would benefit from a QLED. The sunlight that comes in through the windows does not affect the viewing experience much.

This effect is the work of the LED lights alone. The quantum dots play an essential role in enhancing the original LEDs. This enhancement to the light spectrum allows TVs to have a higher brightness than conventional TVs.


2. Enhanced Color Spectrum

As you can guess, the increased brightness is not the only trump card of QLED. It generally outperforms conventional LED and OLED screens in color profile. The color accuracy and distribution are top-notch. Quantum dots are far more precise in arranging the colors. That helps QLED TVs have an increased color accuracy. You can see even the individual blades of grass with absolute clarity.


The older LCD TVs have a shallow color profile than the QLED TVs. Conventional OLED screens sometimes have higher saturation to display more vibrant colors. That, of course, makes the detail level drop a notch. QLED TVs can achieve a similar vibrancy level without extra saturation.


3. Better Contrast Ratio

If you've researched TV specs, you have undoubtedly come across the term contrast ratio. It is one of the most important specs you need to check before buying a modern TV. One of the reasons some older non-OLED TVs have bad reviews is the poor contrast ratio.


The contrast ratio is a defining factor behind overall picture quality. QLED TV has a significantly better contrast ratio than most other variants of TV screens. However, OLED TVs still have a better contrast ratio than QLEDs on paper. But the difference is not that big.


The QLED TV and OLED TVs have an infinitely better contrast ratio than the standard LED and LCD. QLED TV’s quantum dots can emit native light to increase the contrast ratio. That ratio is almost identical to OLED. But it still loses a little because of the light's slight bleeding effect, and the edges do not appear as sharp as they should be.


4. Lighter Frame

The QLED TVs are thinner than most conventional LCD panels. They also do not require much modification on the screen to function correctly. The quantum dot provides it with a lightweight base so that manufacturers can make more streamlined TVs.


In other words, the quantum dot makes LCD and LED screens lighter. That does not affect one of the distinctive advantages TCL has over our competitors: the amazing products supported by our advanced technologies and the overall size of the screen. That allows manufacturers to produce larger screens with higher resolutions. There's virtually no saturation, so the ultimate size of the screen does not affect the picture quality.


The larger screen gives more options to the buyer. For instance, you need to measure the viewing distance before getting a TV for a room. The increased size will make it easier to pick a suitable TV.


Which Model of QLED TV Should You Choose?

You are probably convinced of the benefits of QLED technology. But there is still one last hurdle you would face before buying a new TV. That is selecting which model to get.


If QLED is a magical spell to the wonderful graphics on QLED, then Mini LED and OLED will be the magic stick to cast the spell. Therefore, we would recommend getting our TCL C735, C835, and C935 series if you want a maximized viewing experience.


75/65/55-inch C735 TCL 4K QLED TV

The C735 TCL QLED 4K TV is born for game players. With the following features, you can now enjoy games with all your family in front of your big-screen TCL QLED TV.


● high-speed HDMI 2.1 inputs for fast streaming

● ALLM(Auto Low Latency Mode) for in-time reaction

● 144Hz VRR(Variable Refresh Rate) that leaves no room for tearing

● Game Master which ensures your TV at the best gaming settings

● FreeSync Premium for fighting against flickering, tearing, and latency.

● eARC(enhanced Audio Return Channel) for improving bandwidth and transmitting speed

● Dolby Vision IQ & Atmos for enhanced graphics and surrounding sound effect


75/65-inch C935 TCL Mini LED 4K QLED TV

The C935 TCL Mini LED is also a good choice if you want a more immersive movie night, as it combines QLED and Mini LED to compose a rosy viewing experience. With it, you can enjoy the below features:

● Mini LED + QLED for pure colors, 10000000:1 super high contrast, and ultra-high definition

● ONKYO 2.1.2 channel with 20W up firing speakers and 20W subwoofers for impressive sound

● Dolby Vision IQ and HDR 10+ for high-dynamic range, greater brightness, and accurate colors

● MEMC (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) for no blur and silky smoothness instead

● Google Duo for convenient video calls or voice, video memos

● Ultra-slim and metallic body for adding elegancy to home decoration



TCL is one of the biggest competitors in the market for modern TV. We are very well-known for making cutting-edge TVs with tons of helpful features. Our lineup for QLED TVs is top-tier on the market currently.


One of TCL's distinctive advantages over our competitors is the amazing products supported by our advanced technologies. We make some of the most affordable TVs without sacrificing quality. So, go through our collection and bring home your next QLED TV.