Over the past several months, I have had the privilege of using the AMAZING 98” QLED TV, our Quantum Dot-powered, full array, local dimming TV.

From the breathtaking flight-scenes from Top Gun: Maverick (presented with incredible Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision) to enjoying my league-conquering Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics (no Patriots or Red Sox comments, please), to have my breath taken away by the clarity of the remastered 70mm footage in the goose-bump inducing documentary Apollo 11, it seems everything I threw at it made me love it even more!

Over Christmas, my son came home, and he marveled at its gaming-chops when playing Star Wars: Battlefront and the newly upgraded version of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt…if you knew my son, you would know the caliber of that endorsement!

It’s no wonder why TCL has quickly become the leader in 98”. The popularity and demand we’ve seen for our largest screen size is going to continue in 2023. The all-new Q-Series brings our largest ever Mini-LED TV to our already expansive big screen lineup.

Our Biggest TV Gets Better

For 2023, our flagship Q-Series – the QM8 – is going to put the industry on notice! 

Our best TV ever…a true flagship TV…take no prisoners…choose your platitude, the QM8 has what it takes to deliver the goods!

It will offer all the best technology we have ever put in a TV: QLED color, amazing HDR performance from all the best formats including Dolby Vision, stunning 4K resolution, and, yes, our newest implementation of our Mini-LED backlight.

Of course, all of this great technology works well enough to land our 6-Series nearly every “Best of” reviewer award list year-after-year.  Much of our magic is our “vertical integration,” which means everything inside a TCL is TCL! How’s that deliver all the great picture performance technology?

  • QLED - TCL introduced the world’s first big-screen Quantum Dot TV back in 2015, leading the industry
  • Mini-LED - TCL Introduced the world’s first Mini-LED TV back in 2018, and the industry has been trying to catch up to us ever since!
  • LCD Panel - TCL’s newest panel manufacturing facility is over 260 acres in size, and in the first half of 2022 produced over 55,000 acres of panels!

Controlling the manufacturing process means we not only avoid the markup of paying a middleman, a big part of the TCL value story, but we can also maintain exception quality as well. With all that, you can rest assured, the QM8 Mini-LED TV is going to be INCREDIBLE!

Oh, and we are making it up to 98-inches…

Wall-devouring 98”… Incredibly immersive 98”… Feel the tackle rather than see it 98”… It’s that great!

This TV is HUGE, but it’s also almost ALL screen! Fun facts compared with a 65” from just a few short years ago:

  • Our 98” has more than 125% more viewing area
  • Despite this:
    • It’s less than 24” wider
    • And it’s only 5” taller
    • It’s thinner
    • It’s easily wall-mountable

This is all brought to you by our amazing FullView bezel less design. Where bezels used to be measure in inches, ours are now measured in millimeters!

Precision Luminance and Contrast on a Grand Scale

Aside from amazing size, and amazing design, there’s the amazing performance that our latest Mini-LED technology. Our first TV with local dimming (the now legendary P-Series from a few years ago) had 72 dimming zones, and it looked great. Our new 98” QM8 will have over 23 hundred – that’s two-thousand-three-hundred zones!!  This will provide astonishing light control. Deep rich blacks? Check! Brilliant whites? Check! Brilliant colors? Check! Searing specular highlights? Check!  All at the same time? Check – all this can only be found with this great combination of technologies!

For 2023, we will see a whole new TCL TV lineup, with great innovations from our Simply Smart TVs to our Premium Performance TVs and culminating in our Industry leading QM8… now with both Mini-LED and XXL options!