It looks like we made it through another CES, but this year it was without walking 40,000 steps per day, crowded booths, and nonstop talking. The downside was that we also did not get to see many friends and colleagues with whom we get to share a meal and a drink.

Although it was a different kind of CES, there was no shortage of great tech introduced this year: from cool drones, to great fitness tech, to all manner of things to help keep us safe. At TCL, we were very excited to speak to many of the exciting technologies we will be launching in coming year, all with the goal of bringing more enjoyment to our users’ lives.

Big, Big Home Entertainment

On the TV front, we are going BIG…85” BIG.  Throughout the year, we will be introducing our XL Collection, a group of 85” TVs designed for every performance level and budget.  As we all spend more time at home, we crave that immersive experience traditionally reserved for a giant movie screen, rocking concert, or thrilling action watching our favorite team make a run for the playoffs. With an 85” you can get that immersive experience at home!

Plus, it will fit in more rooms than you thought! No longer does getting a BIG TV mean making room for a TV that is 5’ deep! In fact, did you know that an 85” screen, while delivering an astonishing 70% more viewing area than a 65” screen, is less than 18” wider? So, fill up that wall!

From our soon-to-launch simply smart 85” 4-Series, we deliver 4K resolution, support for HDR, and endless streaming entertainment, all at an amazing price of $1599—that’s right, we’re making BIG affordable! Following that, you will see an 85” TV that delivers powerful performance with QLED color, Contrast Control Zones, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, as well as our legendary gaming features like THX Certified Game Mode, VRR and 120Hz Input Decoding. You will also see an all-new 8K flagship TV with Mini-LED and 8K resolution in the year ahead.

More Pixels, More Clarity

Speaking of 8K, we are VERY proud to announce that all new 2021 TCL 6-Series Roku TVs will feature stunning 8K resolution, meaning they will have 4x the pixel count of today’s best 4K TVs—that’s 33,000,000 pixels!!!

Bringing this level of clarity and performance to our award-winning 6-Series makes the best resolution more accessible for more people.

Elevating Mini-LED Performance

Of course, one of the things that put the 2020 6-Series on so many “Best TV” lists was our exclusive Mini-LED backlight. To rewind, it’s important to remember that for 2021, we are introducing our 3rd generation Mini-LED backlight. In 2019, we launched the world’s first TV with our first-generation Mini-LED backlight on our award-winning 8-Series, with 25,000 micrometer class Mini-LEDs. As mentioned, our second-generation Mini-LED backlight is found in our 2020 6-Series, making it more accessible, while still delivering breathtaking picture with up to 240 Contrast Control Zones.

For 2021, we are proud to announce we will have our third generation Mini-LED backlight, called OD Zero, referring to the optical depth now being zero. This means the space between the backlight and the LCD layer has been reduced to zero. The result is tens of thousands of Mini-LEDs and thousands of Contrast Control Zones™ for striking brightness, precision contrast, and smooth uniformity. With OD Zero, you also get an ultra-thin, high performance panel. This is particularly exciting as it seems that nearly every manufacturer is acknowledging the benefits that Mini-LED can deliver as they announce their first generation Mini-LED TVs.

So, with exciting new XL Collection sizes for every budget and performance level, cutting edge picture performance with 8K resolution intelligently enhanced by our AiPQ Engine, and groundbreaking performance and design with our new OD Zero backlight technology, 2021 is looking like another year where TCL will bring event more enjoyment to more users than ever before!