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Different Modes in Air Conditioner: Fresh Air, Gentle Wind, I Feel, Turbo, Sleep, Eco




Air conditioners have many different modes that you can choose from. These modes are designed to give you the best experience while operating your AC unit. This is especially useful when you have certain preferences or if your room requires special attention when it comes to temperature control. The air conditioner takes into account things like the weather and humidity levels before regulating the temperature in a manner that is most suitable for that particular situation.


Be it the scorching summer heat or the humid monsoons, with a wide range of air conditioner modes, you can regulate the temperatures indoors.

In this article, there will be six different air conditioning modes being introduced. 


The Standard Modes of A/C

Air Conditioners have different modes, generally saying, there are 6 standard modes you can find in air conditioners and a wide range of other modes. The Standard Modes of A/C include: Cool, Dry, Fan, and Turbo Modes; Sleep mode; Eco Mode. The other modes that are going to be covered in this article are Fresh Air, Gentle wind, and I Feel. With a wide range of air conditioner modes, you can regulate the temperatures indoors by taking advantage of different modes.


What is Fresh Air mode in ac and how it works in the cooling mode?

The fresh air mode is a choice that allows us to breathe in fresh, moist, healthy outdoor air by opening the air duct, this advanced technology is in contrast to conventional air conditioners that only circulate indoor air. Consider the TCL FRESHIN SERIES AC as an example. To provide highly effective air purification, the fresh air will pass through 4 separate layers (preliminary filter, silver ion antibacterial layer, EPA high-efficiency filter, and high-density filter). To prevent uncomfortable temperature fluctuations, the fresh air will be cooled or warmed after being directed to the heat exchanger and will exit with the same inside temperature. 


TCL FreshIN Series 2.0 Air Conditioner


What does Gentle Wind mode in AC do?

Gentle Wind mode is a mode in which the air conditioner blows out the air in a gentle manner. It will not cool the room as fast as it would in other modes but it does offer comfort to those who prefer low-noise cooling or heating appliances.


Using the TCL GentleCool series as an example. For a more relaxing and natural cooling experience, the GentleCool series offers a Gentle Breeze mode. There are no uncomfortable cold drafts, only softly flowing, refreshing air thanks to the more than 1,000 micro-holes that gently and more evenly distribute air throughout the space.


What is I Feel in AC and how it works

I FEEL is a very advanced mode that removes the temperature gap between setting and feeling via a sensor built into the remote that usually stays close to the user. In this way, the user experience is enhanced as the user can relax by choosing a preferred temperature and then automatically adjusting the air conditioner to that temperature.


What is turbo mode in AC and how to use it

The main purpose of turbo mode is to quicken the cooling or heating process in the room. The advanced turbo mode equipped in the TCL air conditioner allows users to experience fast cooling with coils down to 18°C within 30s and a warm atmosphere with coils up to 40°C within 60s. When you return from a scorching or chilly day outside, the inverter compressor will be operating at its highest frequency, blowing out the maximum amount of capacity and warm or cool air as desired.


Typically, turbo mode is activated for 30 minutes. The air conditioner runs in Turbo mode for 30 minutes after the Turbo indicator shows on the remote controller display. The Turbo function will be turned off if the Mode button is pressed while it is active. Using the Turbo option prevents you from adjusting the temperature or fan speed.


The TCL DEM Series air conditioner can even let you preset the mode choosing from Dry, Turbo, Comfort, or Continuous.


What is sleep mode in AC and how to use it

Sleep mode is a low-power mode. The air conditioner will control the room's temperature in sleep mode and raise it by 0.5 to 1 degree Celsius in an hour, up to a maximum of 3 degree Celsius per hour. With this setting, the air conditioner will keep you cool and cozy all night. It's a good option for the night because it keeps the room temperature cool at a low level and helps you fall asleep more easily. It also makes sure that if someone gets up during the middle of the night, they can get back to sleep quickly and comfortably. The Sleep Mode offered by TCL MZ-Series AC can be used by adults and children alike, but it's especially useful for babies and young children who can't regulate their own body temperatures yet.


When to use eco mode in AC

Eco mode uses less energy than other modes. 

When compared to Normal mode, ECO mode uses less compressor capacity, which uses less energy. You may conserve energy and money at any time or use it to cool more effectively when it's not too hot outside, which means you won't have to worry about high electricity bills. 


Econ mode, or Energy Saver mode, is a setting that works similarly to central AC. Once the desired temperature is reached, the room air conditioner will shut off. The fan will then turn on for 20 seconds every 10 minutes to sample the temperature of the air. The compressor will restart if the ambient temperature rises above the predetermined level.


Step-by-step guide for exploring TCL air conditioner modes

TCL air conditioners offer a variety of modes to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to access and use these modes on your TCL air conditioner:


Step 1: Locate the "Mode" button on your TCL air conditioner's remote control.

Step 2: Press the "Mode" button to cycle through the available modes. The display on the remote control will show the current mode.

Step 3: Choose the desired mode based on your requirements:

  • Cool mode: Ideal for hot days, this mode reduces the room temperature to your desired setting.
  • Dry mode: Perfect for humid conditions, this mode removes excess moisture from the air without significantly reducing the temperature.
  • Fan mode: This mode circulates the air in the room without cooling it, providing a gentle breeze.
  • Heat mode (available on some models): This mode warms up the room during colder months.

Step 4: Explore additional TCL-specific modes:

  • Fresh Air mode (TCL FRESHIN SERIES): Enjoy fresh, purified outdoor air by pressing the "Fresh Air" button on the remote control.
  • Gentle Wind mode (TCL BREEZEIN SERIES): Experience a soft, natural breeze by activating this mode using the remote control.
  • Feel mode: Ensure optimal comfort by using the remote control's built-in sensor to maintain the desired temperature around you.

By familiarizing yourself with these TCL aircon modes, you can create the perfect indoor environment tailored to your needs.



Air conditioners have a wide range of modes that can be used for various purposes. You can regulate the temperatures indoors using these modes to suit your needs. There are many types of air conditioner modes that you can use for different rooms and times of the day.


Fresh air mode helps you to breathe easily and makes the surrounding environment fresh, while gentle wind mode is perfect for cooling down your room or office without making it too cold. I Feel mode allows you to adjust the temperature according to your own comfort level, whereas turbo mode increases the speed at which cool air blows out from the unit’s vents. Sleep mode reduces noise levels during nighttime hours so that there are no disturbances while sleeping.


The TCL AC range offers a variety of features that can be set to meet your needs. Visit TCL's official website and learn more!


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