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TCL P7 SuperDrum Laundry Care Series




TCL P7 Front Load Washing Machine features a 12kg ultra-thin drum for a professional washing experience, seamlessly integrating its large capacity into any living space.  The reduced depth enhances convenience during clothing retrieval. The six lifting ribs of the Three-Dimensional Garment Care, combined with the Ocean Wave pattern inside the drum, increase agitation frequency by 100%, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning while providing gentle garment care.  Innovative lighting design intuitively communicates various washing statuses, enhancing the user experience and striking a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality

With larger families came a need for washing machines with greater capacity.  However, this also raised concerns about utilizing living spaces effectively.  TCL P7, with its spacious design, addresses these issues by incorporating an ultra-thin drum.  This ingenious feature not only saves space but also enhances the washing experience, making it more efficient and professional, exemplifying a perfect balance between functionality and space optimization.