Apple TV Vs. Chromecast: Which Should I Use on Google TVs?



Apple TV Vs. Chromecast: Which Should I Use on Google TVs?




With the world moving towards higher technology and user-friendly appliances, it is customary to acknowledge the use of TV boxes for an interactive viewing experience. A TV box, such as Apple TV or Chromecast, works by streaming content onto the higher-resolution TV screens, such as TCL Google TV.


Having the option to choose between Apple TV or Chromecast, you must weigh the pros and cons of these TV boxes the features they offer. Doing so would help make a wise decision on moving forward.



If you’re particularly looking to decide which is better for your Google TV, continue to read this article ahead. 


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Apple TV or Chromecast? Which One Would You Pick?


If you haven’t picked a Smart TV for yourself yet, try out these innovative TV boxes, i.e., Apple TV and Chromecast, to watch unlimited movies and videos on your TV screens. Both brands render a top-notch experience without any interruptions or stutters. Moreover, they offer a huge quantity of applications and third-party programs.


Here is a vivid comparison of both TV boxes:



Apple TV


Shaped like a USB drive

Set-top Box



Touchpad on the remote and twin microphones


All applications supported

iOS-compatible app


Based on phone, tablet, or PC

Voice and Remote Control





■ Apple TV

Apple TV is a single media player designed in a puck-shaped box. It easily gets connected to the TV through the HDMI port, and you can access various streaming services, such as Hulu, Disney+, and others.

Unlike Chromecast, Casting isn’t required to be integrated into the app as Airplay is systematically integrated into iOS devices. The Apple TV device also allows access to personalized and curated suggestions. In addition, six family members can share Apple TV+ and Apple TV channel subscriptions with Family Sharing.


■ Chromecast

Chromecast, like Apple TV, is a Google TV box that agglomerates multiple streaming services onto one single platform. The USB-shaped device was launched in September 2020 and has been popular since.

It supports HDR10, HDR10+, 4K, Dolby Vision HDR, and Dolby Atmos audio. It can stream various channels, including Apple TV+, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney +, Prime Video, etc. It entails a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, and 8GB of storage. It comes with a voice remote which can be configured to control the TV’s power and volume. Also, Google Chromecast & iPhone is not on the opposite side – you can cast your iPhone’s screen on your Google TV.


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Apple TV and Chromecast - Features and Specifications

Apart from the working mechanism of both devices, we will discuss the features and specifications of each:


a. Price

Comparing Apple TV and Chromecast, the latter option leads to efficient pricing. Chromecast with Google TV is priced at $99, while its competitor Apple TV is priced at $250. In addition, the Siri remote comes in a price range of $79.

Due to being the relatively cheaper option, Chromecast is bought heavily by customers, especially during holidays when they have a bunch of time to watch TV. You can purchase another option if Apple TV and Chromecast are not feasible for you; a regular Google Chromecast costs $59. 

According to the price feature, Chromecast stands out for its use with TCL Google TV.


b. Video Quality

In this scenario, both devices even out with high-quality video screening. They have up-to-date streaming technology: 4K HDR videos at 60 FPS and Dolby Vision, HDMI 2.1 support, and Dolby Atmos.

Regarding its usage, Chromecast offers a simple working procedure and demands the user to work it out themselves, unlike Apple TV, which guides you through the installation process and offers several user-friendly features.

It allows you to check picture quality, HDMI connections, and the Apple Color Balance feature. This feature uses the iPhone’s camera to calibrate the Apple TV’s profile with your TV display. 

TCL Google TV will align with both of these devices without any hassles.


c. Remote

Apple's new Siri Remote Control is a terrific option compared to Chromecast’s simple remote control. However, the cost of Siri Remote Control is high, reaching up to $79 if purchased separately. Compared to the old remote's glass touch panel, it offers various features, such as a touch-enabled click wheel. 

Its battery technology is also superior; it uses rechargeable batteries, making it easy for the user to handle. Lastly, the remote is tough against any impacts, giving the user a great, satisfactory experience. 

Chromecast with Google TV’s remote control is also a valid option. It offers mostly the same features that Siri Remote does, including voice control via Google Assistant. Also, it’s cheaper and more accessible. However, installing and replacing batteries is a bit unbearable for the user. 

If you want to opt for easiness, Apple TV Remote will work out well for TCL Google TV. Or, if you desire a much simpler remote, then Chromecast will function better.


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d. Watching TV Shows and Movies

Apple TV and Chromecast offer great video quality with a variety of channels. Alternatively, both devices provide unrivaled access to all primary streaming services. These devices are supported well with the native apps and Airplay and Casting from the mobile apps. 

Chromecast takes a slight advantage over Apple TV due to its accessibility and wide support. It can align with the Apple TV+ app to access it with Google TV. Airplay, on the other hand, is only accessible through Apple TV.

Both devices can be aligned well with TCL Google TV due to their large variety of channel distribution, movies, and shows.


e. Playing Games

You can also play games provided by both TV boxes on Google TV with your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S/Series X controller. In this feature, Apple TV takes the lead because of its wide range of App Store and Apple Arcade games. Also, it helps save your data in the Game Center, allowing you to start a game on your iPhone and continue it playing it at any time on your Apple TV. Chromecast Google TV’s 4K gaming experience is quite impressive, and games categories in the Google Play store are also luxuriant.


Therefore,if you are a game collector who likes to seach for different games, they will do a great job.



Because TCL Google TV perfectly matches these two types of TV boxes, it is up to you to choose one between them. If you wish to opt for a high-class, wide variety of channels but are restricted to Airplay, you can opt for Apple TV. Still, if you want a full Google Eco, a better combination, more economical, and simpler, then Chromecast will do the trick. However, the only way to enjoy the maximum benefits of a TV box is to choose a good Google TV first. In this case, TCL Google TV C835 is worth saying. It allows downloading the Apple TV+ app, so there will be another solution to your hesitation between the two TV boxes.

This Mini LED Google TV has other features , including the following, making it one of the best options.

● 144Hz VRR for the best gaming experience

● Quantum Dot for fascinating colors

● HDR10+ & Dolby Vision IQ for crispy picture

● Dolby Atmos & ONKYO for immersive surrounding sound


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The leading TV brand, TCL, has recently added Google TV to its latest series to give users a great experience. Combining all streaming services on a single platform to ease the viewers’ channel switching problem is the main function of using Google TV. Apart from that, you can always use Apple TV or Chromecast based on your preference.


It’s more of an even distribution between Apple TV and Chromecast when you have to use it with TCL Google TV. So, opt for any of them and enjoy entertaining channels, movies, and games!