Everything You Need to Know About How to Connect Headphones




Everything You Need to Know About How to Connect Headphones


Headphones are one of the most modern headphones available on the market today. With their compact size and portability, these gadgets come in handy when traveling or attending a phone call for more extended periods. Modern headphones are designed to be comfortable and used by teens and adults alike. Also, they render a stylish look and appear attractive when looked at from far compared to traditional headphones with wires.


Are you now wondering how to connect headphones? Continue to read this article ahead to know more. 

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What Is a Headphone and How Does it Function?

Headphones are headphones that get adjusted well within the ear, specifically outside the ear canal. They are composed of hard plastic and feature a rubber tip and seal so that the ear is safe from any injury or harm. 


These headphones entail two speakers that convert electrical energy to sound energy by using magnets to vibrate the air molecules; a transducer does this conversion. In addition, there are two transducers for the two headphones, respectively. Each earphone is a circuit, with a current-carrying conductor used to take electric current from a battery (source) to a load (transducer).


When electricity is fused in each conductor coiled around its cone, it transforms into an electromagnet. The signal change is directly linked to the strength of the electromagnet. The electromagnet is at the top of the permanent magnet. Due to their polarities, the two magnets exert a force on one another. The diaphragm attached to the coil vibrates because of the force, causing the air around it to vibrate. Finally, the sound is channelled through a hole-infested grill which is large enough for the sound to move through. In addition, it keeps earwax and dust out of the earpiece.


How to Connect Headphones and Its Benefits

Wireless headphones connect without the use of cords. So, if there is any disturbance or issue of non-connectivity, you can refer to your user guide or manual. More so, you can follow the simple steps listed below to enjoy the experience. 


Before connecting with any device, ensure that the headphones are in range with the device they are connected with. Secondly, make sure the volume is set to a moderate level so that when you connect, there is no sudden shock of loud volume.


In addition, due to the range, the stronger the Bluetooth connection, the easier the connecting process will be. Lastly, ensure that both devices are fully charged. If one of the devices loses its charging power, the sound will go off.

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1. How to Connect Headphones to Laptop?


Follow these simple steps below to learn how to connect headphones to a laptop:


● Go to the Windows Start Menu on your laptop. Then select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu. Search ‘Settings’ in the Search Bar if you can't find the option. Then click on ‘Devices.’ When the interface opens, turn on the Bluetooth from the ‘Bluetooth and Other Devices’ option.

● When turned on, click on ‘Add Bluetooth or another device.’ Select Bluetooth and press the power button on your headphones for some time. Lastly, select the headphone's name from the list to connect both devices.

The benefits of connecting headphones to a laptop include:

● No wires are involved, making the listening experience handsfree

● Helps conduct meetings on Zoom and Skype while presenting information

1. How to Connect Headphones to Phones?


Follow these simple steps below to learn how to connect headphones to a phone:

● Go to the ‘Settings’ option and click on ‘Connections.’ Then press the Bluetooth button. Here you can check whether the connection is working or not. Then moving to the top-right corner of the screen, click on ‘Scan.’

● Press and hold the power button on the headphones. Then activate the pairing mode on your wireless headphones to connect them to your phone. This will activate the Bluetooth function, depending on the headphones you have. 

● Finally, locate and press on your headphones. Hit the Scan button again once you've synced your headphones. Your headphones will appear on the list of Bluetooth devices once they are turned on. Click on them and enjoy.

The benefits of connecting headphones to your phone include:

● Handsfree experience while being on the go, especially while driving

● Relieves stress from the hands from holding the phone to the ear for long



1. How to Connect Headphones to TV?

Follow these simple steps below to learn how to connect headphones to a tv:

● Start by switching on the pairing mode on your headphones. When this mode is turned on, your headphone will show a blinking light. Then turn on the TV's Bluetooth function. A slight complication can occur here as each TV is accessed differently regarding Bluetooth support. 

● On a generalized note, when you turn on Bluetooth on your TV, it will scan for nearby Bluetooth devices in pairing mode. Click Device Selection after clicking on the Bluetooth option. The TV searches for Bluetooth devices and shows the entire list once it completes. The headphones should be visible in the list of identified devices. Choose them and enjoy watching unlimited movies and shows. 

Some of the advantages of connecting headphones to TV are:

● Enjoy tv shows and movies in a calm environment

● Can enjoy the loud sound without disturbing others around


TCL headphones - A Great Combination of Sound and Enjoyment

If you are thinking of purchasing wireless headphones and want to know which ones are the best, TCL is the most optimal choice. Our range of headphones is tough, stylish, and long-lasting. Also, you can use them for hours without any disturbance or significant issues with charging. Following are some of the renowned headphone types from TCL that you can explore:


1. MoveAudio S200


This TCL headphones category comes in three different color combinations, including black, blue, and white. It offers numerous features, including echo noise cancellation, sweat and splash-resistant, and smart wearing detection. It also provides low latency and distortion while listening to your favourite songs or attending a call.


S200 offers ENC technology that filters out background noise. In addition, its mics automatically focus on your voice so that you are audible in the loudest of environments. The smart wearing detection feature automatically plays and stops the sound when you wear or take them off after use. 

With a 12mm moving coil for sensitivity and high-precision, MoveAudio S200 offers a great listening experience of three and a half hours on a single charge. Moreover, it renders 23 hours of battery life with its charging case.

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2. MoveAudio S600

As a tremendous wireless headphone, MoveAudio S600 comes with a Google Fast Pair connection and its Voice Assistant feature. With its IP54 Sweat and Splash-Proof feature, it can be used in different weather conditions, especially during hot and humid days.


The six-mic active noise cancellation system reduces background noise and amplifies your voice accordingly. It supports up to 32 hours of listening without interruptions. The Google Assistant aids in several different things. For instance, it can help you play your favourite songs, manage your calendars and reminders and read your texts aloud to you. On the other hand, S600’s dual Bluetooth transmission technology aids in a great listening experience, with latency as low as 100ms.

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Key Takeaway!


With TCL headphones ranking among the best in the market, we have paved the way for users' better and more technically-advanced listening experience. The noise cancellation feature, Google Assistant's availability, and a fast pair connection make our headphones an excellent choice.



The battery on these TCL headphones is also long-lasting and helps in a smooth listening experience. Since you are now aware of how you can connect these headphones to your TV, laptop, and your phone, we hope you have a tremendous experience.