Why are black levels so important for TVs?

Buying a TV is a considerable purchase in 2023.  There are wide selection of different technologies, features and functionality which will confuse you.


If you are overwhelmed by the choices, we’ve put the guides together to help you make the right decision. Here are the most important things to consider before you buy a television.


Picture Quality

Picture quality is the first priority factor to consider for your new TV. The foundation of a good TV performance is the black level. If you have research on TVs technologies, you may have heard a little about black levels in the internet. Comparing black levels between different TV is the trend now.

Why are they so particular with the black level, not just for TVs but for every display? This guide will explain what are black levels, and why they’re so important and relevant in the age of HDR TVs.


What are black levels? 

To give it a very simple explanation, the black level of a TV is the darkest a screen to go. The holy grail of black levels is a purely black screen. The foundation of a good TV performance is its black levels. 


You may also hear black levels referred to as brightness, in fact the brightness setting on your TV is all about darkness and not brightness (at least in the conventional sense). The brightness setting is not about making the screen brighter in appearance but about adjusting the depth of the black levels.


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The deeper the blacks are, the more depth a screen can display and the stronger the sense of contrast, which is the difference between the brightest and the darkest part of an image, can be. Colours will look stronger next to ‘true’ blacks, and the brightest parts of the image (the highlights) will stand out more because the black depth acts as a more effective contrast against it.


Contrast Ratio

Black level is also relevant with contrast and brightness of the TV.  Contrast ratio refers to the difference between the maximum and minimum brightness of a TVs.


With a 1000:1 contrast ratio TV, a white image will display 1000 times brighter than a black image. A higher contrast ratio produce higher contrast and deeper blacks.  And with a  6000: 1 contrast ratio TV’s,  colours will look stronger next to “true blacks. ” Generally, you can say that the picture’s colour look sharper.


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In display technologies, there are 2 types of panel that is mainly use in the market, which is VA pen (mainly use on TVs) and IPS Panel (mainly use on monitor ). 


TCL TVs VA panels produce up to 6000 : 1 contrast ratio which 3 times better IPS (which only deliver  2000 : 1 contrast ratio)  in terms of black level, shadow and the highlight details of the picture quality.

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The deeper the blacks are, the more depth of details a screen can display. Names you heard from internet like HDR and Dolby Vision, are also meant to perform high contrast and deeper black in TV.


Mini LED 


LED technology does matters black level as well. TCL LED and QLED TVs with VA panel are performing very great black level.  But when it comes to premium TV, I believe most of you have heard about OLED. Everyone sings the praise of an OLED display when it comes to black levels. OLED (Organic LED) have long been considered the highest-quality for many many years.


But now, there’s a new technology called Mini LED in the market. MinI LED is a more efficient and more effective way of blacklight an LCD screen with more affordable price and lifespan. It shrinks the LED modules that greatly increase the number of Contrast Control Zones.

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TCL Mini-LED TV deliver perfect viewing eyes experience. With Quantum Dot and up to 2000 nits peak brightness, it hep to boost HDR10+ performance, producing dramatic highlights and rich, vibrant, vivid colours.

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144Hz Refresh Rate

With up to 144Hz Refresh Rate the screen refreshes 144 times per second to display a new image this will allow you to experience more responsive and unparalleled gameplay which will statisfy your high-level gaming displays. 

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TCL introduced the world first MINI LED TV - TCL 8 Series in 2019. Since then, TCL continued to produce TVs using this revolutionary technology thanks to its powerful picture performance.  C835 and C935 is the 4th generation of Mini-LED TV which launch in 2022 September.


If you are buying a new TV, why not visit Giant & NTUC and experience yourself what are the differences between all the models, our lovely sales personnel will be glad to assist you on this.