TCL at Broadband World Forum 2023: How TCL is Shaping the Future of Connection and Sustainability




Paris – 24 OCTOBER 2023 TCL, a pioneer in display technology and affordable, powerful, connected experiences, highlighted its innovative strides in connectivity and sustainable technology at the Broadband World Forum 2023, from 24-26 October 2023, Porte de Versailles, France. The event is a valuable opportunity for TCL to meet with customers, industry peers and media partners to discuss ways of enhancing network experiences with a focus on environmental sustainability.

As a recognised leader in the global broadband domain, TCL collaborates with over 150 carriers worldwide, diligently crafting solutions that cater to diverse network connection needs, spanning home, business, mobile, and machine-to-machine (M2M) environments. This dedication and expertise have elevated TCL Communication to a distinguished global position, attaining the status of a European ranking of No.1 in mobile router sales volume.


"TCL is dedicated to providing global users with safe, high-speed, reliable and seamless mobile broadband connection services in full scenarios, all the while implementing enhanced environmental management practices throughout the product lifecycle," commented Sharon Xiao, General Manager, EMEA Region at TCL Communication. "We prioritise both innovations for better connectivity and sustainability for long-term progress.”

Empowering Carriers with Tailored Broadband Solutions

For over a decade, TCL has understood the requirements and criteria of carriers, prompting a primary shift to mobile broadband, where we earned the number one position in Europe around four years ago. This swift growth honed our focus, guiding us towards becoming a 360-degree FWA&MBB supplier covering fixed and wireless broadband. We are continuously striving to suit best each of our business partners’ needs, and supporting them through the whole process, from pre-sales to after-sales, forging further growth and success.


For Better Connection

In an increasingly connected world and multifaceted connectivity requirements, TCL is strategically positioned through its strong alliances with leading operators to deliver exceptional 5G Mobile Broadband (MBB) and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) products, including CPE, Mobile Wi-Fi, USB dongle from LTE CAT4 to 5G, from fixed solutions to mobile and M2M applications.



Excelling in Hardware & Software

In hardware, TCL leads with cutting-edge cellular and Wi-Fi antennas, with advanced heat management increasing device durability. These features make TCL products stand out for excellent connectivity.

In software, TCL provide comprehensive broadband solutions that seamlessly integrate hardware and software.

Connect For Green

Inspire Greatness through Innovation and Sustainability Efforts
TCL Communication's broader impact underlines the company´s comprehensive commitment to both innovation and sustainability. TCL is dedicated to conducting business responsibly and transparently, fostering sustainable and trustworthy partnerships. TCL uphold strict carrier requirements and have trusted partnerships with global tier one operators. Regular CSR audits cover various areas, from business ethics to environmental protection. TCL have been recognized for our sustainable practices by EcoVadis Business Sustainability Ratings and the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC) and are a supporting mobile supplier of the Eco-Rating labelling scheme.

"Sustainability is a cornerstone of our business strategy. From compact, eco-friendly packaging to sustainably designed MBB and CPE products, our approach is pragmatic yet impactful”, noted Christophe Yerolymos, Vice President, TCL Smart Connected Device EMEA. “We're aligned with our clients and partners in prioritising immediate action that makes a difference – whether that's reducing carbon emissions or enhancing recyclability in our products."


Improving Product Design, Packaging, Transport

The MBB and CPE products created are designed to have smaller dimensions, consume less power, have high durability and incorporate sustainably sourced materials, enhancing recyclability.

Product packaging is designed to be as compact as possible, with the removal of plastic components and the utilization of environmentally friendly inks. By reducing the size and weight of the packaging, carbon emissions during transportation are also reduced.



Existing products and future designs are continuously evaluated through the lens of sustainability.


In line with our goal to 'Inspire Greatness,' TCL focuses on developing technology that meets real needs. Connect the unconnected. Create seamless connections. INSPIRE GREATNESS.


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