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TCL's parternship with Hollywood-based Marvel Entertainment






The partnership between TCL and Marvel for Marvel’s Iron Man 3 that will include brand integration and a tie-in promotion was announced at CES 2013 (Consumer Electronics Association) with Li Dong Sheng, Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation and Bob Sabouni, the Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Partnerships at Marvel Entertainment in attendance. TCL’s role as the official global partner in Marvel’s Iron Man 3’s marketing and channel promotion has become public, marking another milestone for TCL in entertainment marketing. With its 110-inch ultra-panel TV selected as “Tony Stark’s smart TV choice” in Marvel’s Iron Man 3, TCL has once again seamlessly integrated its video and communication technology into the entertainment business.


The exclusive appearance of TCL’s flagship product in the movie also represents the high international recognition TCL has achieved for its TV manufacturing and technological innovation, especially in 3D smart cloud TV area. To date, TCL has achieved 15.2 million TV sets in annual sales volume, following closely behind Samsung and LG to set a new benchmark for the fast-rising China enterprises and signify TCL officially steps into the first camp of global color TV industry.


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