How To Take Good Photos With Your Phone-10 Easy Tips





Everyone has a camera in their pocket, but not everyone knows how to use that camera properly. Here are a few tips and tricks on using your phone's camera to take better photos, whether you're shooting on the go or at home:


1. Use the right camera setting for the shot.

When you're taking a photo, make sure to use the right camera setting for the shot.

If you're trying to capture a group of friends at dinner and only want people but not the background in focus, choose portrait mode.

If your goal is capturing sweeping landscapes or architecture, panorama mode might be best.

If you want high pixel density (which means more detail), turn on pro mode; this also gives you access to manual controls like ISO and shutter speed so that you can adjust them as needed based on lighting conditions.

If you're taking a night picture, choose Night Mode which helps reduce noise when shooting in dim environments or at night time--and it looks great!

TCL 30E offers three ways to shoot luminous photos in the darkest environments, so whether you're strutting beneath the city lights or stretched out beneath the night sky, your memories will always look incredible.


2. Use gridlines to balance your shot.

Gridlines are a great way to help you balance your shot. They're also useful for framing your shot and aligning it with the horizon, but we'll get into that later. First, you need to turn on gridlines in your phone's camera settings (you can usually find this option under "Grid" or "Grids").

Turning on the gridlines in the camera is one of the simplest and finest ways to enhance your smartphone images. This overlays a sequence of lines based on the "rule of thirds," a photographic composition guideline that states an image should be divided into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, for a total of nine parts.

Theoretically, your image will be more level and balanced, and viewers will be able to engage with it more organically if you place areas of interest in these intersections or along the lines.


3. Avoid digital zoom

Digital zoom is a feature on your phone that allows you to zoom in on your subject. It's tempting, but it can make your photos look blurry and pixelated, so avoid it at all costs!

If you want to get closer to an object in the distance without physically moving closer, try taking a picture with a wider lens aperture (higher number). This will allow more light into the camera and give you sharper results when zooming in later on.

Zoom lenses are usually prime lenses (fixed focal length) rather than telephoto zooms or super telephoto zooms because they're much easier to design and manufacture than complex zoom optics--and they tend not to be as expensive either!

Go wide to capture the whole landscape with a 118° Super Wide-Angle Camera. Create perfectly lighted high-resolution photos every time with TCL 20 5G.


4. Focus on one subject.

If you're taking a picture of something that's moving, like people or pets, it's best to keep your phone steady. Setting up a tripod can help with this and will result in better photos overall!

If there are multiple subjects in the frame of your shot (for example, if you're trying to capture both your dog and the sunset) then give each subject its own focal point by focusing on one thing at a time.

Your life is action-packed. Record it with incredible stability and clarity even when you're on the move with TCL 20 Pro 5G all-new OIS + EIS algorithm.

TCL’s Activate Super Steady Mode to film in a broader perspective with stability enhanced by a dedicated algorithm. This supports 1080P recording.


5. Use natural light whenever possible.

When taking photos, the most important thing is to make sure that you're using the best light possible. The best way to do this is by using natural light whenever possible. If your phone has a flash, then use it--but only as a last resort because flashes can be harsh on skin tones and create unwanted shadows.

If you don't have access to any windows or lamps in your room or office where you're taking photos, try turning on some lights instead! Your phone will automatically adjust its exposure settings based on how bright those lights are (it's called "automatic white balance"), so turning them off might help achieve better results if they're too bright or too dark for what you want out of your picture.


6. Use Your Phone's Self-Timer

If you're taking a photo of yourself and don't have access to a remote shutter, set up your phone on a tripod or use the self-timer function. The latter is the easiest way to do things: just press the button on top, then hit "take a picture" when prompted by the countdown timer. You'll get a few second'snotices before it takes your shot (which should be plenty), so make sure you're ready!

Hassle-free with Auto Capture with TCL 408. Instantly recognizes your face and takes a selfie automatically.


7. Capture multiple shots

To capture multiple shots, use the camera's burst mode. This will allow you to take several pictures in quick succession without having to press the shutter button again and again.

Use the timer function on your phone's camera to take photos with natural light in them. The timer can be set anywhere between 1 second and 30 seconds so that you have time to get into position before taking a picture or group shot of all your friends together. This is especially helpful if they aren't all standing right next to each other!

TCL 40 R 5G allows you to create a One-Shot session. Always one click away from AI suggesting the best poses for ready-to-share moments.


8. Find different perspectives.

Using an unusual or unexpected perspective when taking pictures might help them stand out because it gives the subjects the appearance of depth or height. Given that the majority of cellphone images are either taken directly on or from a bird's eye perspective, it also helps the image stand out.


9. Use HDR

HDR (high dynamic range) photography is a great way to capture a lot of detail in a single photo. It works by taking multiple photos at different exposures, then merging them together into one image using the software. This allows you to capture details that would otherwise be lost in shadows or blown-out highlights.

TCL 40 SE has Low-light HDR photography. Snap the sunrise and sunset, and catch intricate detail in the shadows.


10. Use editing tools

You can get more features and a little more control over your photos with an app like Snapseed (Android) or VSCO (iOS). These apps have all kinds of editing tools: crop, lighten/darken/shade/etc. You'll also find filters that can help you quickly apply a look to your photo without any effort at all on your part.

Use these tools wisely though--don't overdo it! The best thing about using apps like this is that they give you quick results without having to go through complicated menus or settings screens. It's easy enough for anyone--even non-photographers--to use them effectively without ruining their photos in the process.

TCL mobiles with great cameras will perfect your natural look. Always have the best focal point to snap in harmonious proportions with a desired lifelike skin color tonality.


Clean your phone's lens.

The lens of your phone is what allows light to pass through and hit the sensor, so it's important that it be clean. The best way to clean your phone's lens is with a microfiber cloth (like those used for cleaning glasses), as these materials are gentle enough not to scratch or damage the surface of your device but still effective at removing dust and fingerprints from its surface.


You may need a better phone

If you're shopping for a new phone with better camera performance, make sure you check out the TCL mobiles with advanced camera sets, massive batteries, and beautiful displays.

TCL 40R 5G offers a 50M AI Triple Camera. With TCL 40R 5G, you can take sharp, non-blurry images with fast focus and enhanced stabilization, providing incredible stability and clarity even when on the move. TCL also offers a "Low-light HDR photography" that allows users to snap the sunrise and sunset, catch intricate detail in the shadows.



We hope that this article has inspired you to take better photos with your phone and get a little more creative with it. 

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