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TCL will showcase at IFA the world's first large screen mobile entertainment smart cloud product

31, Aug, 2012

Technology 31, Aug, 2012


TCL will present at IFA for the first time in Europe its brand new product named “iCE SCREEN”, a 26-inch intelligent cloud screen which creates a new form of consumer electronic products and redefines the interpretations of the smart cloud and digital screens in the communications industry.


Featuring a large 26-inch screen (66 cm), the iCE SCREEN has the characteristics of a high quality screen, ample cloud resources and portability, and represents a brand new type of smart cloud product. It offers stunning visual effects on a large screen, while providing portability that is not found in traditional TV sets. With four core applications–a “large portable screen”, a “high-speed video player”, a “stylish music and photo album” and “high-definition video communications”, the product offers consumers the ultimate 3C (Communication, Computer and Consumer electronics) experience.


iCE SCREEN offers fast, convenient and comfortable use. It is equipped with a portable power source and features a slim design, allowing free and easy movement and placement. In addition, iCE SCREEN also comes with a rotary hanger which allows users to easily switch between horizontal and vertical positions. Fashionable design, iCE SCREEN is available in four colours, namely “sapphire blue”, “fantasy pink”, “champagne gold” and “green tea green”.


Enjoy a whole host of cloud applications


Installed in iCE SCREEN is an independent operating system which enables internet connectivity, thus offering users audio visual, music, photo album, game, communications and many other major smart cloud applications.


The iCE SCREEN is the fruition of a successful joint collaboration between TCL Corporation and Tencent, China’s leading integrated Internet Service Provider. As TCL’s content provider partner, Tencent brin gs to the iCE SCREEN a wide array of services and popular applications such as Video, Album, Music, Messenger and Game.


“An important milestone for TCL to achieve its full cloud strategies”


Mr. Li Dongsheng, Chairman of TCL Multimedia, said, “iCE SCREEN is also an important milestone for TCL to achieve its full cloud strategies. This April, TCL Multimedia took the lead to announce its full cloud strategies as the cloud era in hCina’s consumer electronics industry approaches. Launching the iCE SCREEN represents another strategic deployment and innovative breakthrough in smart cloud products following the successful introduction of TCL Multimedia’s 3D smart cloud TVs.”


Prices and availabilities


iCE SCREEN was recently launched in China and is now available online in China. Despite featured as a high-quality with massive cloud resources offerings, the iCE SCREEN comes with a very competitive price tag: 1 999 RMB (250€). The launch time in Europe is yet to be determined.



About TCL Multimedia


Headquartered in China, TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited (HKSE: 01070) is one of the leading players in the global TV industry, engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and distribution of consumer electronic products. Through a new product-and-user-oriented business model that focuses primarily on a “double +” strategy which includes “intelligence + Internet” and “products + services” as the main direction, striving to become a “global entertainment technology enterprise” that provides integrated entertainment solutions to customers.



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31, Aug, 2012

Technology 31, Aug, 2012