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Top 5 Things about 8K TVs You Need to Know




You might have heard about the 4K TVs and their exceptional resolution; however, now the whole media market has been flooded with 8K TVs because of their out-class resolution, which is double the resolution of 4K TV. Since its inception, 8K TVs have gained huge fame, popularity, and competition amongst TV brands, including TCL, which invests a great deal in 8K TVs. So, what’s the reason behind this crazy investment and its popularity?



As the 8K TV is still emerging among the TV brands, there’s a lot of confusion among common people about the quality, cost, and efficiency of the 8K TV. Now, some of you might not know anything about 8K TV and may search what 8k resolution and TV is. So, if you’re also seeking answers about 8K TV, continue reading to inform yourself of this newly introduced TV and its benefits.


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What Is 8K Resolution?


Regular TVs have technical color restrictions, whereas 8K TV offers the highest display resolution of about 8,000 pixels (7680 × 4320), since the more pixels, the clearer picture. An 8K TV has a wide spectrum of visible color range that the HDR assigns to pixels in order to produce a high-resolution picture. It is one of the reasons why 8K TV sits on top of the TV pyramid. It doesn’t just end here, as the companies are putting their best efforts into getting the best possible contrast and motion processing. 8K TV doubles the number of pixels of 4K TV for out-class image processing.


Some think that the 8K resolution might affect the eyesight or might not be visible to the human eye; however, these assumptions are not true. The 8K resolution only refers to the increased numbers of pixels that improve the picture quality and image processing. It has nothing to do with eyesight; on the contrary, it may reduce the stress on the eyes by providing a clear picture.


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Common Confusion About 8K TVs


1. Are people buying 8K TVs?

Alongside this, many people around the globe are stepping out to purchase this fantastic product to get the best quality video and picture. According to Consumer Electronic Statistics, the sales of 8K TVs from 2019 have reached 520,000 worldwide. These sales are expected to go up to 4.4 million by 2026.



2. Will 5G Speed up 8K development?

Think about the 8K resolution, its high-quality picture, image, and motion processing, added with 5G. It will create an ultra-high-resolution screen with a breakneck connection speed that allows users to download rich data content from the internet without interruption. The combination of 5G with 8K will result in an explosion in the world of TVs.


3. What size of 8K TV should I choose?

Another question widely asked on different platforms is, what size of 8K TV should be bought? One of the facts you need to consider before choosing any size is that 8K TV looks great, only if watched from a shorter distance. It is an essential requirement to select a size greater than 70 inches for this limitation. The ideal size of the 8K TV that you should consider is 75 inches to 80 inches, as it’ll help push the optimal viewing distance to nine feet. 



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Top 3 Best TCL 8K TVs

Now that you know enough about the 8K TVs, their performance, and efficiency, let’s know about some best quality TCL 75-inch 8K TVs.


1. X925 Pro

One of the best 8K TV options that you can get your hands at. It has a maximum impact mini-LED, which provides an incredible resolution with precision LED light sources for deeper blacks and greater contrasts. Some advantages of having an 8K TV are listed below:

X925 Pro Mini LED 8K Google TV


● Quantum Dot

The TCL X925 Pro, 8K TV, supports Quantum Dot technology, improving brightness and helps achieve superior and brighter color precision.


● 8K Display

It has an 8K display that produces an extra level of detail, four times the 4K resolution, providing greater precision and resolution.


● MEMC (Motion Estimation & Motion Compensation)

With MEMC incorporated with 8K, the picture processing becomes silky smooth with an algorithm that delivers a refresh rate of 120fps, displaying a high-resolution picture and entertainment at native speed.


● Game Master

The gaming console of this 75-inch 8K TV works with advanced audio technology, hardware parameters, reduced response time, and image quality to match the game's pace.




This TCL 8K TV has a 160-watt audio output, giving a powerful sound and listening experience. The ONKYO sound system refers to cinematic sound quality giving real-time watching with incredible sounds.



● Dolby Vision/IQ Atmos

These are some fantastic features that add more value to the display quality of this 8K TV. Dolby's vision provides cinematic effect by adding extra brightness, vivid colors, and clarity to the pictures, whereas Dolby Atmos produces exceptional audio for high-resolution video.



● Magic Camera

With the high-resolution camera, you can not only control the TV merely with gestures and even make phone calls while sitting in your living room.


1. X925

The second excellent 8K TCL TV that you must have a look at is X925.

X925 Pro Mini LED 8K Google TV



● IMAX Enhanced

The IMAX enhanced display of these 8K TVs has the highest certification standards in color, brightness, calibration, and resolution.


● Quantum Dot

The light-emitting nanocrystal quantum dot technology enhances video precision.


● HDR 10+

A picture resolution is four times of regular HD TVs.


● Dolby Atmos and Vision

This feature provides a 360-degree cinematic resolution with immersive, high-quality sound to give a cinematic experience at home.

Other features include:

● Variable Refresh rate

● 8K Ultra HD

● OD-Zero Technology


1. X915

Another great 8K TCL TV that you should consider is X915; some of its benefits are given below:



● 8K picture

With a high 8K resolution which is 400% more than the 4K TV, it displays the content on around 33 million pixels without any blur effect.



● Dolby Vision and Atmos

It creates cinematic watch time by adding extra brightness to colors, and pictures, whereas Dolby Atmos, produce high-quality audio to go with it.



● ONKYO Soundbar

The ONKYO soundbar is another distinctive feature included in this fantastic 8K TCL TV. It adds dynamic energy to the picture by producing high-quality sound to go with the video.


● Hands-free voice control

Another fantastic feature of the X915 is its voice control, which allows you to turn the TV on/off and change or select its content without getting up from your place.

The rest of the features include:

● I-Max Enhanced

● Pop-up Camera



Final Words


With standard emerging technology, 8K TV sits on top of the TV pyramid for its high resolution, cinematic audio and video, hands-free audio control, quantum dot technology, and more.



TCL is investing a considerable amount in these TVs and building some great 8K TVs with excellent features and reliability like no other brand. We are undoubtedly your trusted partner for high-quality TVs at affordable rates. In addition, we are also producing several TVs, soundbars, and home appliances to stand out among most brands. Check these home appliances on our website!