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TCL Baby Care Washing Machine




The TCL Baby Care washing machine is a 3kg high-efficiency impeller washing machine specially designed for washing babies' clothes. The product takes inspiration from the natural aesthetics of the pebbles and gives a rounded and smooth integrated appearance and material application. The special-designed feet lift the body, making it easy for users to fetch clothes and clean the floor. The tiny feet also add a hint of personality to the design itself. The temperature-sensitive silk-screen print on the top cover reminds users to be mindful of high-temperature heat when the washing machine operates a high-temperature wash cycle. With the stain-free blue button, users can easily dissemble the pulsator chassis for cleaning to prevent secondary pollution. The magnetic suction pre-washing basin is specially designed for the convenience of pre-washing. The bottom lights will inform users of the washing procedure and remind them to collect the cloth when it is finished.


Jury Statement:

The TCL Baby Care washing machine was designed to meet the increased hygiene requirements for cleaning baby and toddler clothes. The white body is placed on four graceful legs to facilitate the removal of laundry. Its shiny surface and rounded edges give it an elegant look. Thanks to innovative thermo-sensitive screen printing, the lid changes color to signal the high-temperature wash cycle. In addition, a bottom light indicates the progress of the program. Intuitive operation is solved very sensitively here by means of color signals. This also allows for an aesthetic, reduced appearance, said the jury.