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TCL Fiber Glass S




With a width of 0.29mm, the TCL Fiber Glass S is very thin, with a superimposed NFC and wireless charging field on the back. Its S-grade glass fiber layer structure is 10 times stronger than composite boards and 4 times stronger than glass, bringing users a durable experience. The thickness of 0.29mm allows users to feel the lightness and portability of the product intuitively. Through the nano-level finishing process, the TCL Fiber Glass S mobile phone has a variety of color combinations, single-color, double-color, and multi-color gradients, allowing users to have more customization options. The crystal coating makes the surface free of fingerprints and dust, giving users a warm and delicate tactile experience.


Jury Statement:

TCL Fiber Glass S is a multifunctional back cover for mobile phones with a thickness of only 0.29 mm. Thanks to a durable fiberglass layer, it not only protects the phone, but also enables efficient charging via NFC protocol or tele-charging. The product's finish is applied using nanotechnology, which can create a wide range and combination of colors, as well as display color gradients. Here, the desire for personalized products is fulfilled and functionally combined with the practical new charging functions as well as device protection. A surprising and creative solution, said the jury.