2022 TV Shopping Guide: Time to Get Your Next Google TV






The world of television shopping is filled with many different brands. Some are new, and some have been around for decades. But one thing is certain: TCL has managed to revolutionize the way you watch TV by introducing Google TV.



What is Google TV?


Google TV is a smart TV platform that allows you to stream content from the internet and access apps. Google TV is built on Android, which means it's compatible with Android apps. It has been around since 2010, but it has not been a success. In October 2020, Google relaunched Google TV as part of its new strategy: integrating products into one single ecosystem and offering them under one roof (Google Assistant).



TCL and Google TV  


TCL is a Chinese electronics company that manufactures TVs, smartphones, air conditioners, and other electronic devices. The company has been around for over 40 years and is one of the world's largest television manufacturers. If you're seeking a guaranteed quality smart TV, TCL might be your best bet.


In 2019, TCL partnered with Google to create its own line of smart TVs with Google Assistant built-in. In 2022, TCL introduced its new Google TV lineup. Let's check it out and find the best fit!



2022 TCL New Lineup 


The new lineup of TCL TVs is finally here. The P series starts at P635 for a 4K TV with a wide choice of screen sizes (from 43 inches to 55 inches), which is perfect for people who want to watch shows like Netflix in 4K quality without spending too much money on the TV itself. If you're planning to spend a little more, there are the other tiers of the P series: P735. These will give you even better picture quality with HDR support and Dolby Vision technology that allows for more accurate color representation.


The C series has two different models available: C635 and C835 (for those looking for an excellent viewing experience). C635 and C835 also have QLED technology and Dolby Vision support, while C835 is equipped with a brand-new display technology—Mini LED screen—which means they'll display with incredible visual quality on your home entertainment system!


The X series offers an alternative high-end option; this is where you'll find their flagship products like the X925 ( available in 75-inches) which use 8K Mini LED to ensure the highest picture quality among the other items.



TCL P series: 635, 735 (UHD)


We recommend this series if you may not have enough budget but still want a 4K TV experience that offers excellent performance and value for money.


The screen uses an edgeless design. It provides superb image quality with great color accuracy and fine details with WCG technology. Plus, Dolby Audio supports the sound on this set, giving you an immersive listening experience.


With the 'OK Google’ voice command assistant, this is the ideal choice if you want a Google TV that takes care of the work, so you just sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite shows.


If you're looking for something that's going to provide an amazing viewing experience without breaking the bank, then you should definitely consider getting yourself a TCL P series set!



TCL C series: 635, 735 (QLED), 835, 935 (4K Mini LED)


It is important to note that curved QLED TVs offer significantly better picture quality than flat LCD TVs. Thus, if your budget allows, we recommend purchasing a QLED TV instead of a flat LCD TV (LCD). The TCL C series is currently the best choice for most people. In terms of pricing and image quality, it is superior to the TCL P series. All models come with a Google TV system, which means you can use your voice to control the TV like Alexa or Google Assistant. In addition, there are many good streaming applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The design of the TCL C series is also very beautiful: Bezel-less Full Screen.


TCL C635, and C735 are QLED and have a 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) display. The display is HDR10+ certified and supports Dolby Vision content as well, but lacks a full array of local dimming technology.


TCL C835, and C935 also come with Dolby Vision IQ support. It also offers a full array of local dimming technology with 32 zones that automatically adjust the brightness of each zone to match what's happening in the scene before your eyes. This gives images more depth and makes them appear significantly brighter than on other TVs without local dimming features (which usually only have around 8 zones). Moreover, it offers fantastic audio performance via built-in speakers or an optional sound bar accessory, which produces clear dialogue when watching movies or TV shows without headphones; plus, there's no need for external speakers if playing music videos through Amazon Prime Music playlists because they're literally booming out loud thanks to its huge bass response at high volumes when listening through headphones rather than earbuds too!



TCL X series: 925, X925 pro (8K Mini LED)  


If you're looking for a device that can provide you with all state-of-the-art features, then TCL has got some good news for you: The company recently released its new line of TVs - the X series! 


The TCL X series is the flagship product with intelligent features such as voice control, human intelligence, and intuitive recommendations, and it's also equipped with the most advanced Dolby Vision HDR picture quality. It offers consumers an immersive experience with the IMAX-Enhanced feature, from its high-end audio performance to its stunning design.


The TCL X series is the best of the best and represents what TCL can do at its most innovative. This is a new product, unlike any other that you've ever seen before. This revolutionary high-end top-end product has been designed to be your next essential purchase. While it might seem like there are lots of choices out there in terms of TV shopping guides, only one truly delivers on its promises: our own!





TCL's new lineup has included three series of models that can satisfy every need you may have for a dream TV. Click here to find your next TCL TV : https://www.tcl.com/hk/en