Best Gaming 4k tv: TCL tv recommendations for PS4 and Xbox One




Different TVs have different specifications. Gaming is a serious hobby for many so like anything we are passionate about, having the right equipment is important. If you are a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X owner, 4K is the future. Specification differences include the best colour variants possible, an enriched colour palette, the sharpest contrast and an assortment of possible viewing angles.





QLED TV uses the technology of quantum dots which produce pure colour by transferring LED light through quantum dot colour filters. The 2018 release of TCL QLED TVs heralds a new age in picture sharpness and maximized colour. One of the most important components of a high-quality viewing TV experience is contrast. There are two components that make up the elements of contrast. These are the peak brightness of the bright colours the TV will display and also the darkness of the blacks. The difference between the maximum brightness colour level and the darkest level is referred to as the contrast level. This allows your great TV to display its most dynamic appearance. TCLs QLED TV ticks all boxes for those in game mode. Its Clear Motion Rate is second to none which reduces motion blur and makes every action fluid. The up to the minute technology make the depth and detail of colour explosive. Deep blacks are also deeper which blows the visuals for the gaming experience out of the water. One of the influences of a superior display is the LED backlighting. The TCL QLED TV has the best technology available to enhance this feature.




Many games are supporting 4K resolution now, it’s never been a better time to buy a 4K HDR TV for gaming. The 4K with Ultra HD resolution and high dynamic range technologies are a whole new visual experience for the viewer. When looking at a 4K HDR TV for gaming, one of the most important metrics is input latency, which measures how long it takes for your buttons presses to translate into in-game actions. The best 4K HDR TVs offer input latency of around 20ms or less, average models around 30ms, and slower screens react in 40ms or more; generally a difference of about 15ms between two screens is noticeable. However, you'll only accomplish these speeds by engaging gaming modes, which go by different names on different televisions. And the latest 4K TVs from TCL are certified by Google which means you will get unlimited access to selected games.


small size tv


Size plays a big factor for the gamer enthusiast and generally, a bigger TV is better. Gamers want to see their objective on the largest medium possible. The bigger the picture the more realistic the experience. Of course, you want the biggest and the best! However, if you are stuck in a small room you will have to buy the size appropriate the area.