Buying a TV? Which TV Should You Buy?




Buying a TV is a lot harder than it used to be. TV technology is fluid and ever-changing. No longer should we choose a TV based on our television viewing habits. Think of what you use your TV for today. It is a streaming service, a social media centre, a music facilitator, a photographic display, a gaming centre, an internet-based information provider.


The best way to decide what TV you should buy is to assess your screen viewing habits. As internet-based media becomes more and more popular, it would be a wise choice to look at our range of TCL Smart TV with Google accessibility.


Buying a TV – The Technology


Smart TV has built-in internet connectivity. This means you can use a Smart TV like you use your smartphone – you can access Apps, play online games, Skype, Google, watch YouTube videos, watch catch-up TV as well as stream TV shows and movies through your online TV streaming subscription services like Netflix. You can also connect your smartphone and tablet to most Smart TVs so you can share content between screens.


If you can use a smartphone then you can use a Smart TV. There is a home screen menu that makes it really easy to access free-to-air TV channels, subscription services and your connected devices like gaming consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players.


The TCL Smart TV means you can access a number of internet connected services that most TV’s can’t. It is like having a built in computer in your TV.


One of the greatest features a Smart TV has is the video on demand. On most modern TVs you can watch Catch up TV including iView, 7 Plus etc, but Smart TV allows you to access other dedicated genre channels not offered on all TVs, e.g. music or sport.


You also have the capability to access Netflix, Go Live and Freeview Plus.


The features of the new range of TCL TVs are second to none. It encapsulates the best functions of your television, linked with the interactivity of your phone, all of which can be activated with your voice instructions into the remote control.


The new TCL Android TV combines not only everything you want in a TV but everything that is on your viewing wish list as well. You will have access to live sport, new release movies, streaming Apps and no, we haven’t forgotten the gamers- multiplayer games. Content, Apps, games, what more can you ask for?


The TCL innovation has also been complemented by personalised recommendation technology. The Android TV incorporates Apps like YouTube, Hulu Plus and NBA Game Time, all of which can pick up on your viewing habits and recommend similar content. This means you are viewing more and browsing less.


Fun with Google


TCL has partnered with Google to bring you the most up to date technology in its Android TVs. They have incorporated Google Play into their current range with advanced remote-control activation. This allows you to press the microphone on the remote control and instruct Google to perform tasks, just as you do on a Google Home device or when you search Google on your computer for information.


TCL integrates Google Assistant with their TVs


• You can instruct it to find and play your favourite shows on TV

• It allows you to instruct Google to play music on your TV

• When prompted, Google will search for genres you wish to explore and give you specific information regarding these shows

• You can pause the show and ask something like “How many episodes are there in Suits?”

• You can find out when a specific show is airing, or simply say “Watch Game of Thrones now”

• You can ask to search for random things like, show me pets in people’s clothes

• If your devices are all paired, you may ask Google “Do I have anything in my diary today?”

• You can instruct Google, when set up, to complete other connectivity tasks like “Dim the lights”.

• The list is endless. Basically, whatever you can do on your computer with Google, you can do with a TCL Android TV.


Does Size Matter?


When buying a TV, your choice in size will again be determined by what you use it for.


The handy 32-inch televisions are the most versatile size of all. They provide a range of uses that can be interchangeable in the home. If you have a small area, a study or small rumpus room and you don’t want the tv to be the focus of the area, at 32 inches is a perfect size. They are the most used size for computer monitors.


The more common 40-inch tv is a good fit for a bedroom tv or home bar area. They are a cost-effective option and easy to move from a bedroom, kitchen or small area if you want to change its location. They are also easy to pack up and take to other premises when moving.40 inch led TVs are a great choice for gamers. They can fit easily into a bedroom or rumpus room without everyone having to be stuck with the gaming tv in the main lounge room. Most now support some of the up to date technology the bigger tv offer, including Smart TV, 4K TV technology as well as Full HD TV. They are small enough to have on a stand or if you wanted even less conspicuous, they can also be wall mounted.


When you step up to the 55-65 inch led TV range, this size is becoming the most common size being purchased in Australia today. They suit most living areas and are the preferred size in many home theatre rooms. What size tv you should put in a room is always subjective. The common theme, however, is bigger is better. Be realistic though, you wouldn’t put a 55 inch in a small bedroom but in a larger room, if you are torn between two sizes, the bigger choice is rarely regretted.


Many boardrooms now have TVs installed for presentation purposes. These rooms are generally sizeable and cope well with a larger tv, such as a 55-65 inch. If you have a sizeable outdoor pergola area, a 55 to 65-inch tv will add a great feel to your outdoor experience. You could be watching sport, music videos or be watching the news whilst cooking outdoors.