Time to Check Out 2022 TCL QLED TVs with Premium Features in Your Local Store.






When it comes to TCL, we all know how great the brand is and how they churn out some of the best TVs on the market. TCL is launching a new line of TVs with Quantum Dot technology -amazing new screen technology. In fact, many models are already available in stores right now!


Out are the TCL New QLED TVs


TCL, a global leader in the TV industry and a leading consumer electronics company, is pleased to announce that it will launch new TVs this year. One of the innovative products is the TCL 2022 QLED TV. Quantum Dot is the latest technology in the world of televisions, providing its users with an extremely immersive viewing experience. QLED TVs can provide their users with a high-resolution picture, bold technological applications, and film-friendly visual expression.


TCL's 2022 new QLED TVs are worth waiting for, including two models: C635 and C735. They both have a resolution of 4K and support Google TV. It also uses Google Duo, ONKYO, HDMI 2.1, and Dolby Vision & Atmos.


About Qled TV- Stuff you should know


The “QLED” in QLED stands for quantum dot light emitting diode—a type of display technology that allows for brighter and more colorful images than traditional LCD screens do. While not technically OLED displays (which are made up of organic compounds), quantum dots are also used in creating OLED panels for smartphones, tablets, and laptops too!


QLED TV is a new generation of TV screen technology that is characterized by high contrast and color saturation. And because of this, QLED TVs may be able to produce images with more detail in dark areas than other types of televisions on the market today.


While QLED TVs are still relatively new to the market, they’re already being recognized as some of the best displays that money can buy.


The wonderful fusion of light and sound


TCL's 2022 QLED TVs are the ultimate fusion of light and sound. The 5-star QLED TVs have a beautiful design and support Dolby Vision IQ technology, which automatically adjusts their picture quality based on the ambient light in your room. In addition, it works with AI to automatically adjust picture quality based on the ambient light in your room. This makes it possible for viewers to enjoy an immersive viewing experience regardless of their location or lighting conditions!


When you first see it, you will definitely be shocked by its picture quality. Even if it is not a professional calibration, it can still offer more than enough brightness and contrast while watching the TV.


C635 series:


This is the C635. It's a 4K TV with Google TV, Ok Google Voice Commands, Wide Color Gamut (WCG: 93% DCI-P3), 120Hz DLG, Dolby Vision & Atmos, and a full-featured remote control that can be used as a game controller for your PC or smartphone when you are using the HDMI 2.1 port on this smart TV.


You can also connect it to your home network via WiFi or ethernet cable so that you can use apps such as Netflix and Hulu without having to pay for cable or satellite service.


Google TV is a new operating system for smart TVs that has voice control built in. You can also connect it to your home network via WiFi or ethernet cable so that you can use apps such as Netflix and Hulu without having to pay for cable or satellite service. You also get access to over 70 channels with a subscription through Sling TV.


The C635 has a built-in Chromecast, so you can easily stream your favorite shows from your smartphone or tablet. You can also mirror what's on your screen to the television using Miracast.


The C635 also has a built-in Google Assistant, so you can control your television with just your voice. You can ask it to find the latest trailers for new movies or to show you what's on TV right now.


Google Duo is built into the C635 so that friends and family can make calls from their phones directly through their television screens without needing an app for each person's phone number.


C735 series:


If you're looking to get the best possible picture quality in the two models, the TCL C735 is the one for you. With 4K resolution and HDR support, this television will have your eyes glued to its amazing screen. What's more, It has an incredibly fast refresh rate of 144hz VRR for smoother gaming and faster response times, which is higher than the C635 (120hz VRR).


C735 has Dolby Vision, but C635 doesn't. Dolby Vision is known as one of the most powerful technologies when it comes to streaming high-quality content and soundtracks that sync perfectly with what you see on screen. This means that if you want a home theater experience like no other, then consider investing in a TCL C735 TV that supports this technology!


Freesync Premium is another feature available only on the C735 and other high-end models of TCL's new TV lineup. However, it's one worth mentioning because it allows users who connect their consoles directly through HDMI ports (or via any other display port) to access all sorts of cool features like enhanced graphics performance without having lag issues plaguing their gameplay experience! In short: Freesync Premium makes sure nothing gets in between players' enjoyment levels when playing games online or offline!


HDMI 2.1 is the latest version of the HDMI standard and it offers all sorts of cool features like variable refresh rate support (VRR), enhanced audio return channel functionality, game mode, low latency mode, and more! It also means that you won't have any issues connecting your console directly through an HDMI port (or via any other display port) They're available on both the C635 (HDMI2.1*1+HDMI2.0*2) and the C735 (HDMI2.1*4).




If you are looking for a new TV, we highly recommend that you take a look at TCL's 2022 QLED TVs. You will not be disappointed! They are affordable, of great quality, and have smart features. You can check them out here https://www.tcl.com/myl/en/tvs?QLED-TV  or go to your local store for a closer look!


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