For People Who Hate Doing Laundry-The Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines





If you're like me, your laundry list of chores is long and stressful. Between food prep, cleaning, and laundry, my day is already booked. Having to add another item to the list (which is often a manual task) can be downright exhausting. That's why I'm here for you with this list of fully automatic washing machines that take all the work out of doing laundry! They come in a variety of sizes, too, so there's one for every home. If you're interested in finding out which one is right for you, keep reading!


What is a fully automatic washing machine?

A fully automatic washing machine does the washing, rinsing, and spinning so you don't have to do any of those tasks yourself. All you have to do is put your clothes in the machine and press start—that's it! Fully automatic washing machines are also known as "wet" or "fully integrated" washers. They are often used in commercial settings because they save time and money, but they're also great for residential use. Most have a delay start feature, which means you can put your clothes in the machine at night and wake up to clean clothes in the morning. Some models have a delayed finish feature as well as delayed start and spin features for added flexibility when it comes to getting your laundry done on time.


Top features to look for

When you're looking for a new washing machine, there are several important features you should keep an eye out for.

Firstly, look for a machine with a large capacity. This means that it will be able to fit in all of the clothes you need to wash at once.

Secondly, make sure that the spin speed is fast—a quick spin will help dry your laundry faster so that it doesn't have time to mildew or get musty.

Thirdly, take note of the energy rating: go for an energy-efficient model. It proves to be economical on your electricity and water bills.


Fourthly, look for one that has child lock capability and check if any other safety features are available like an auto-dosing system which automatically adds detergent according to load size, or drum clean function which helps maintain hygiene throughout the entire cycle including those periods when the door is open due opening/closing process itself! TCL P082FLW Front Loading Steam Washer meets all the criterias. 


P808FLW Front Loading Steam Washer
Auto Dose For P808FLW


In addition to these top features above there are also some additional ones worth mentioning such as the quick wash option where the user can select 15 minutes to wash cycle (Front Loading Washer & Dryer) instead normal 40 minutes resulting noticeable reduction in both electricity consumption as well as water usage thus becoming an eco-friendly option too!


Other than these, TCL fully automatic washing machines have more stunning features that will take care of your laundry needs from start to end, such as separate wash programs for different types of clothes to ensure that each fabric gets the care that they deserve. The 16 wash programs include ECO40-60, Prewash, Intensive, Spin, Rinse+Spin, Drum Clean, Mix, Down jacket, Cotton, Wool, Allergy Care, 20°, Sportswear, Bedding, Quick Wash, and Delicate. 


One of the most interesting features of this new range of TCL washing machines is the Auto Error Detection Technology. The washing machine can now automatically detect the error and display the error code on the display panel, which helps the user know the possible cause of the error and also find the possible solution to rectify the error on the go. The washing machine comes with specific error codes that help you quickly find the fault and ensure faster resolution from the service team.


Why not Semi-Automatic Washers?

A semi-automatic washing machine is a bit like a fully automatic washing machine, except that it doesn't do all the work. Instead of using an internal motor to agitate clothes and clean them, these washers require you to transfer your clothes from their cleaning tub to the drying tub after they've finished being cleaned. Because of this extra step, they're also more likely than fully automatic machines to use more water per wash cycle.



We hope that this article has been informative and helpful. If you are still undecided, we recommend going with a fully-automatic washer. The main benefits of this type of washing machine are that they take less time to wash clothes than fully automatic ones do. You can also use them as much or as little as needed without worrying about running out of hot water or draining your bank account by using too many utilities at once!


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