2022 TV Screen Sizes Are Getting BIGGER and BETTER-TCL XL Collection TV






TV is getting bigger. Technology is getting better. And screen sizes are growing to fit the trends of modern viewing habits. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need a 75-inch or larger 4K TV from TCL in your life.


TCL is a leader in developing the latest technologies.  


You may be wondering what makes TCL televisions so special. Well, TCL is a major television manufacturer in the world. They have been awarded more than 5,000 awards in more than 200 countries around the world for their excellence in product quality and design.

In addition to providing top-quality products, TCL also focuses on R&D to develop new technologies that continue to improve screen quality and performance. The latest series of televisions are engineered with 4K HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision IQ high dynamic range (HDR) technology to deliver exceptional picture performance with vivid color contrast and brightness levels that exceed those of traditional LCD TVs while supporting all HDR formats including Dolby Vision™ technology from Netflix® or VUDU® UHD content from Google Play™ Movies & TV and more!

The XL collection has various models engineered specifically for different size rooms which means no matter how big or small your room is, there will be a model that fits perfectly into it!

No matter what your budget, TCL delivers the best picture quality on a wide range of TV sizes.

The TCL XL Collection TV is designed for big-screen entertainment and offers an impressive 75 inches of screen real estate with four times more pixels than standard HD TVs! This might be one of the best reasons why you should invest in this latest TV model by TCL that comes with 4K resolution and up to a 120Hz refresh rate, so it can deliver crisp images on your large television set while keeping motion blur at bay.


Why buy a big screen TV?


The bigger the screen, the more things you can fit on it. Also, with larger screens, you will be able to see details that you cannot see on smaller screens. Large screens are great for watching movies or sports because they allow you to become immersed in what's happening on screen. With larger screens, you can also notice a big difference when watching TV shows or playing games.

A larger screen also has the advantage of being able to display more information at once. This can be useful if you're using your device for work or school, as it allows you to see more than one document at a time without having to switch between them. If you like playing games on your smartphone, then having a large screen will allow you to see things clearly and play more easily.


Important considerations to take into account when sizing up a screen


  • Screen size: If you want a truly cinematic experience, you'll need to step up to 4K resolution. Higher resolutions will make the picture sharper, but it'll also cost you more money (and possibly even a bigger TV).

  • Display technology: LED-LCD TVs are still one of the most common types available today—they use LED backlighting combined with LCD panels instead of OLED ones—but they're being steadily replaced by newer technologies like QLEDs (QLED stands for Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode) and MiniLEDs (which use micrometer-sized LED lights that allow them to eliminate the backlight and color filters used in LCD LED displays for a thinner design). These newer displays offer higher brightness levels than their predecessors while maintaining an impressive color gamut coverage that allows them to produce deeper blacks without compromising on detail or vibrancy overall. 

  • Contrast ratio: This one's pretty easy -the higher the contrast ratio, the better your picture will look. The contrast ratio measures the difference between the darkest and brightest parts of your picture at 10,000,000: 1 top. The higher your contrast ratio, the better.

  • Screen resolution: Resolution determines how sharp everything appears on your TV; as it climbs, so does image quality. 720p is good enough for most people who aren't too worried about pixelated edges and fine details, but 1080p offers noticeably better clarity. TCL TVs are equipped with a steady 4K and 8K screen that can guarantee an amazing viewing experience.

Refresh rate: This is another biggie because it determines how smooth your picture looks. Panel refresh rates range from 60Hz to 144Hz VRR, with higher numbers representing faster refresh rates and better performance.


The TCL XL Collection TV is a game changer.


The TCL XL Collection TV is a game changer. The largest screen in our line-up features cutting-edge technologies that bring your favorite movies, shows, and sports to life.

It features Quantum dot technology that delivers an accurate color palette and a wider range of colors, as well as HDR Dynamic Contrast technology with over one billion colors. The 4K upscaling performance, combined with Dolby Vision IQ™ produces an amazing viewing experience.

The MiniLED technology brings the latest display technologies to the biggest screen sizes. The Mini LED delivers HDR10+ certification for exceptionally bright whites and deep blacks, plus 100% WCG for vibrant, true-to-life color across a wide range of shades for unmatched realism.

There are also several other factors that contribute to the overall viewing experience, such as screen size (the bigger it is, the better), resolution (higher resolutions mean more pixels per inch and a crisper picture), refresh rate (the faster it is, the less motion blur there will be) and color gamut coverage. The combination of these technologies creates an amazing picture that you can see and feel.

The TV is powered by a quad-core processor, so you can quickly switch between apps and content without lag. And with the new Google Voice Assistant, you can use your voice to control your TV and access information about what's on now or coming up next for future-proofing. These features can enhance the gaming experience for you!




If you are in the market for a new TV, this year might be the time to upgrade. TCL has 75-inch and larger screen TVs with features that will change your life.

Any home theater enthusiast knows that bigger is better when it comes to TVs! TCL's XL Collection offers the largest screen in its line-up, with a colossal 98-inch display and state-of-the-art technology that makes it worth considering this year.

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98-inch TV: 98C735


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