How To Turn Your Living Room Into A Theater- A Quick and Easy Guide






If you’re a movie buff or just like watching TV, you know how important it is to have the best setup for your entertainment system. It’s hard to find the right balance between a comfortable living space and one that is functional and fun. If you want to turn your living room into a home theater, here are some tips on how to do it!


Upgrade Your TV


Upgrading your TV is a very basic step, but it’s also the most important. 


TV's picture: Mini LED, QLED


A TV with great picture quality is one of the most important factors in making your living room into a theater. What to look for if you want some next-level pictures?  Mini LED and QLED may be the answer.


TCL's most recent Mini LED TVs employ the tiniest Mini-LEDs we've ever made, considerably boosting the amount of Contrast Control zones, often known as local dimming zones. TCL maximizes precise backlighting, evenly spread throughout the screen, for maximum contrast and luminance, by reducing the LED footprint. TCL's Mini LED allows for more accurate light management. The contrast of the image is noticeably improved, and the details in the dark of the image will be sharper. Simultaneously, the TV's picture color, brightness, and life span are substantially increased. Check TCL MiniLED TVs that meet all your expectations!


Some televisions are now starting to come with QLED technology, which allows for greater color contrast than traditional LED screens. These TVs can also get brighter than other models, making them ideal for home theater setups where ambient light might otherwise affect how well you can see everything on screen. Check out our QLED TVs.


Get a big-screen TV


If you want your living room to truly feel like a theater, a big-screen TV is the first step. 


Large-screen TVs are great for large spaces and you can have a more immersive experience when playing games and watching movies. Also, you can enjoy movies and football games with more friends and family. A large-screen television can increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. Check out TCL's XL collection and bring the cinema home!


 You'll want one that's at least 50 inches wide, has a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz, and 4K resolution. Also, make sure it has HDR (High Dynamic Range) so that you can enjoy all of the vibrant colors in your favorite movies and shows.


Other things to consider:


Other than TV size and picture quality, you can also take TV features and TV technology into consideration.


1. Low blue ray (anti-blue light), which is especially significant for large-screen TVs. The low blue light screen can soften the light and safeguard the viewer's eyesight.


2. Flicker-free: Some TV screens have apparent flickering that can cause discomfort to users. Only by selecting a flicker-free TV with industry professional TUV certification can the viewing experience be improved.


If you like watching sports, then you should probably look for a model with excellent motion handling (Check out TCL's game master C635!). If all you care about is streaming movies, then it should have enough HDMI ports and Wi-Fi connections so that all of your devices can connect to it easily.


Get a Soundbar or subwoofer


When you're ready to get your sound up to theater-quality levels, it's time to look into a soundbar or subwoofer. The difference between these two options is: A subwoofer produces low-frequency audio impulses (bass tones), but a soundbar can play high and mid-range frequencies and has numerous audio channels. Subwoofers can be used with soundbars.


Whatever option you choose will depend largely on what kind of audio setup you have at home right now—and whether or not you want something better than just an upgrade over what's already there (i.e., if you don't have any speakers). Check out the TCL soundbars here and you might find something you like!


Rearrange Your Room for Better Lighting


One of the most important steps in creating a great cinema experience is to make sure the room is well-lit. The idea here is to add ambient light, not bright overhead lighting. If you can't see what's going on, that's just as bad as missing out on subtle details like facial expressions and hand gestures.


If you have enough space in your room, use lamps and overhead lights to provide ambient light. Use dimmers for overhead lights so that if there are scenes where it's important for viewers' eyesight not to be distracted by bright light (like when someone has a gun pointed at them), you can turn the lights down before they get too close to their targets! If there aren't any lamps or other sources of soft lighting available, try getting creative with some candles or even chandelier-style bulbs draped over the center of your screen (this will probably require some additional construction).


On top of this general rule about using candles: avoid having any kind of flames near anything flammable! We don't want any fires starting around here - this isn't a movie set after all!


Get the Right Seating


There are two factors to consider when choosing your couch: comfort and size. We recommend getting a couch that's wide enough for everyone to sit on comfortably so that no one has to crowd into the armrests or hang off some other part of their seatmate's body when trying to share popcorn during movie night.


If space is an issue and you don't have room for a full-sized sofa, we would suggest keeping all other furniture minimal in order to create more open space for guests—then add tall barstools alongside coffee tables rather than traditional dining chairs as seating options. This will enable your guests' legroom under the table while also giving them somewhere stable to put their drinks or snacks within reach without kicking over other pieces throughout the evening!


Add a Table for Snacks


A table is a great way to add extra storage space and make sure you have snacks on hand. You can also use it as a makeshift desk if you need internet access while watching TV.


It’s best to place the table right near where you’re sitting so that it doesn’t feel awkward when you get up to go grab something from there.




With all of these tips, you’ll be able to create a home theater in your living room. Why not try it and get your own cinema at home now? If you want any products mentioned above, check them out on the TCL website or go to our local store!


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