Which TCL Smart TV is best for you?


Smart TV


TV is a big part of our modern life.


However, choosing and buying a TV can be a nerve-wracking process for some, especially with the ever-expanding selection of different models and different features — It can seem overwhelming.


No longer are TVs used only for movie-watching; In today’s day and age, TVs are used for many other purposes such as gaming, social media and even as a photographic display.


So, what should you consider when you are buying a TV? We have come up with a comprehensive guide that you can use to choose the perfect TCL Smart TV for yourself.


1.  Technology Explained

2.  TV size

3.  Key features

4.  What are you using it for?



1. Technologies explained. QLED vs LED?




QLED or Quantum dot Light-Emitting Diode is essentially an upgrade from your regular LED TV. A regular LED would have a backlight panel lighting the display. The main difference is that for QLED TVs, there is an extra quantum dot layer in front of the regular LED backlight panel. With this extra layer of quantum dot film, colour pops up and appears more vibrant; it also offers a dynamic contrast — meaning darker blacks and brighter whites.

Smart TV


One of the most common issues seen in LED TVs is backlight bleeding. This happens when the screen is unevenly lit and light leaks out from the edges or corners of the screen.


When it comes to overall picture quality, QLED TV is the undisputed winner compared to LED TV. The quantum dot technology gives a crispier and wider range of colour volume, resulting in overall better, livelier and more realistic images. However, with the better picture quality, there also comes a bigger price tag.


2.  TV size


Although most consumers think that bigger is better, that might not be the case for you. When looking at TV size, you need to consider where and how the TV will be mounted.


The incredibly thin design of our TVs—in addition to the borderless bezel—allows them to be mounted flush to the wall and the screen seemingly blends into the background, like a piece of art in your living room.


We have come a long way from the big bulky TV that weighs a ton and ruins the aesthetic of a room everywhere it is placed. Offering a wide range of screen sizes, our TVs range from 40” to 75”.


3.  Key features


MEMC (Motion Estimation & Motion Compensation) is a key feature found in some of our TV models. In layman's terms, it makes the picture processing smoother by artificially adding frames to a low frame rate video to deliver a 60-fps display.


Our Smart TVs also come with a built-in Google Assistant. You wouldn’t have to get up from your couch to reach the remote control on the table, Hands-free Voice Control 2.0 allows you to simply give your TV commands and ask Google Assistant for movie recommendations!


4.  What are you using it for?

Home Entertainment

Here comes the most important part of your TV buying process—what are you using your Smart TV for?


Are you using your TV mainly for gaming?


Then your best bet would be C728, our QLED 4K Android TV which is specifically built for gamers. It is equipped with the Game Master technology, which enhances your gaming experience with immersive and smoother visuals, better sound optimization, and a more powerful processor.



If you are looking for a high-end premium TV to watch movies and you don’t mind breaking your bank for it, we recommend the C825. With the multi-dimensional audio delivered by Dolby Atmos and refresh rate of 120-fps, it is the best TV model to build a home theatre system with. To top it all off, the built-in magnetic 1080p wide-angle video camera also enables you to connect and share your viewing experiences with your loved ones.


The P615 series is for those who prefer a more well-rounded, versatile TV for everyday uses. Whether it is for movies or gaming, the TV comes pre-installed with the latest Android OS. TV, music, movies, games and more services are all accessible from your fingertips.


Last but not least, the S65A model is for those who prefer a more simplistic TV. The full-screen design delivers a large field of vision— which means it is perfect for those who like watching with a group of friends. Whether it be sports or movies, it is sure to give everyone the best immersive viewing experience.


No matter what you are using the TV for, with the wide range of products TCL offers, we have just the perfect TV for you!


All TCL Smart TV comes with 3 year full on-site warranty and free delivery on all orders!


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