Steven Spielberg once said, “I’ve always been of the belief that our ears lead our eyes to where the story lives.”

At TCL, our mission is to help our customers enjoy more.  To that end, we are proud to offer a great line of sound bars to complement our award-winning TVs. The new lineup is aimed at immersing you in your movies and games like never before!

Before we start, did you know that TCL has been manufacturing sound bars and audio products for nearly 20 years? We've been building products for major audio and smart speaker brands along with our dedicated team of audio engineers and R&D facilities. We also design, engineer, and manufacture all of our own home audio products, just like our TVs. Now we are so excited to introduce our second generation of TCL Sound Bars, bringing that expertise to your home theater.

Our new flagship sound bar is our Alto 9+, featuring exciting technology like Dolby Atmos and TCL’s exclusive RAY-DANZ technology. The Alto 9+ is our first 3.1 channel sound bar in the US, and that means clear vocals, first and foremost. A dedicated center channel keeps dialogue front and center, where it belongs. Did you know that up to 80% of the audio in a movie comes from the center channel?

Add to that our RAY-DANZ technology and you’ll get truly immersive audio. How? Utilizing the left, right, surround and even the height information from the Dolby Atmos soundtracks in today’s latest blockbusters, the Alto 9+ will envelop you in sound  and bring you into the movie without all the complexity of additional speakers, components, and wires all throughout your room. To round things out, you will experience ground shaking bass from our latest and most powerful wireless subwoofer… better make sure the figurines on your knick-knacks shelf are secured!

But what good is all that hardware if it’s too complicated to set up?  The new Alto 9+, along with many of our 2020 sound bars, is Roku TV Ready.  I am not sure if I could oversell the simplicity of installation…don’t blink or you may miss it! By simply connecting the sound bar with the included HDMI to any Roku TV, the sound bar and the TV will automatically “sync-up!”  This means not only are you now just using one remote to operate everything, but every audio adjustment you would need to make is automatically populated in the TV’s audio menu. Want to switch from Movie Mode to Music Mode?  *Poof* you can now do it in seconds, all while the sound bar remote is in the coffee table drawer!

Looking for that great audio and convenience, but want some other options? This year, TCL has you covered!

Our Alto 8i takes great Dolby Atmos audio, plus the ease of Roku TV Ready, and puts it all in a sleek 2.1 channel sound bar with dual built-in subwoofers. That means, the Alto 8i can deliver great audio performance all within one sleek sound bar.

The Alto 6+ builds on the success of our 2019 line by offering stunning sound, a punchy downward-firing wireless subwoofer, and adds new features like the simplicity of Roku TV Ready. It’s the perfect marriage of great sound and affordability.

Looking to improve your TV sound with minimal complexity? The Alto 6 may be for you. It’s a compact sound bar that lets you be just a single power plug and one connection cable away from never again having to ask, ‘what did he say?’ ever again.

Entry-level, usually doesn’t go hand-in-hand with good sound and user friendliness, but with the Alto 3 it does. Compact size, easy setup and solid sound mean there is now a sound bar for virtually any room or TV.

There are tons of great features I haven’t mentioned, such as Bluetooth® (named after Norse King Harald Bluetooth, go figure!), HDMI switching, and even more connectivity to name a few things…To find out more visit your favorite retailer, either online or in person, or go to Enjoy More!