Model RVR3A

TCL Sweeva 6000 and 6500 Accessory Kit

  • TCL-certified replacements specifically designed for Sweeva 6000 and Sweeva 6500
  • Includes 4 side brushes, 2 washable HEPA Filters, 1 multi-surface brush roll, and 1 brush roll frame.
  • Genuine HEPA filters help to clean the air while Sweeva cleans the floor.
  • Multi-surface brush roll helps ensure a deeper clean compared to non-multi-surface brush rolls



Genuine TCL accessory kit specifically designs for Sweeva 6000 and 6500.


Rest easy with a genuine replacement and be sure of the quality, fit, and performance!


Includes 4 side brushes, 2 washable HEPA filters, 1 multi-surface brush roll and 1 brush roll frame.

Why Buy TCL Genuine Parts?

TCL Genuine Parts are designed to work with your TCL Sweeva vacuum. When you see the TCL Genuine Parts badge, you can be sure of the quality, fit, and performance. Protect your investment, choose TCL.

How to Replace Your Side Brushes

1. Using two hands, forcefully remove the side brush by pulling up.

2. Line up the new side brush to the square slot.

3. Forcefully push down on the side brush until it clicks into place.

How to Replace Your Roller Brush

1. Press on both clasps to remove the guard.

2. Remove the roller brush by pulling up on the left side.

3. Install the new brush by first slidding the narrower side into the grip on the right.

4. Reinstall the brush guard. 

How to Replace Your HEPA Filter

1. Remove the dustbin by pressing on the buckle.

2. Pop open the filter compartment.

3. Remove the old filter and install the new filter.

4. Close the filter cover and install the dustbin.

TCL Sweeva 6000 and 6500 Accessory Kit



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Product & Package Information

Package Size (WxHxD) (inches)

Package Size (WxHxD) (inches)

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3.54" x 6.8" x 3.52"