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TCL introduced the world's first Mini-LED TV, with technology that quickly became the gold standard for brightness and contrast. Since then we’ve only continued to bring new advancements to this innovative backlight technology. With sizes from 55-inches all the way up to a monumental 115-inches, upgrading to a QD-Mini LED TV from TCL lets you enjoy the stunning color, dramatic contrast, and incredible brightness on our biggest TVs yet. Here’s what else you need to know.

  • What is a Mini LED TV?

    Mini LED TVs were first introduced by TCL in 2019. Since then, other TV manufacturers have followed in TCL’s footsteps to introduce their own Mini LED TVs to achieve superior picture quality. 

    Regular LED TVs use a layer of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) behind the LCD panel to illuminate the image that’s on-screen. 

    Mini LED TVs, on the other hand, use a much larger number of much smaller LEDs for backlighting. These Mini LEDs allow for more precise control of the backlight.

  • What are the benefits of Mini LED TVs?

    The precision control of a Mini LED backlight translates to several benefits in picture quality:

    Improved contrast: Mini LEDs can be dimmed more precisely than traditional LEDs. This allows for deeper blacks and brighter whites on-screen at the same time, resulting in a higher contrast ratio and more realistic images.

    Enhanced HDR: Mini LED TVs can deliver a wider range of colors and highlights thanks to the improved brightness control. This is especially noticeable in HDR (High Dynamic Range) content.

    Reduced blooming: Blooming is a halo effect around bright objects on the screen, which is common in traditional LED TVs. Mini LEDs can minimize blooming due to the finer control of the backlight.

    Incredible brightness: While other TV technologies deliver impressive picture performance in dark rooms where ambient lighting can be controlled, Mini LED TVs can deliver improved lighting performance in virtually any environment. From movie nights to daytime football games, you’ll always see the details and colors that immerse you in your favorite entertainment.  

    Mini-LED TVs are the perfect choice for cinephiles, gamers, and sports fans, who crave the best possible picture quality, without the limitations of other types of backlighting.

  • Why does TCL QD-Mini LED technology stand apart?

    Not all Mini LED TVs these days are created equal. New 2024 QD-Mini LED TVs from TCL take the benefits of Mini LED TV performance, and raise the bar for brightness, contrast, and color, even further. 

    TCL QD-Mini LED TVs set themselves apart from standard Mini LED with advanced optical technologies and premium performance, becoming the new “Ultimate Choice” in TV. TCL’s 2024 QD-Mini LED series features an incredibly high number of dimming zones, up to over 5,000, remarkably high brightness, up to 5,000 Nits Peak, and QLED ULTRA with 97%+ of DCI-P3 Color Gamut and 100% Color Volume for rich color.

    Our QM751, QM851 and QM891, all use QD-Mini LED technology. TCL’s vertical integration (which means we make our own stuff) not only ensures that the promise of stellar performance is realized, but it also helps us maintain world-class quality, while avoiding the added costs of paying a middleman to source parts.