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Play like a pro
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Big Games. Big Screens.

Stunning detail. Smooth gameplay. Optimized for next-gen consoles.


It's a game-changer

Experience pro-level performance on the big screen. 

Advanced picture technologies and support for next-generation features including Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) up to 144Hz, Auto Game Mode (ALLM), and AMD FreeSync™, bring the smoothest action and an optimized fast-response gaming experience.¹


It's a game-changer

Bring games to life

See games as intended by creators. Over a billion brilliant colors powered by QLED make games more vivid and lifelike.

Dolby Vision® HDR delivers dramatic contrast that enhahnces highlights, shadows, and silhouettes, revealing incredible detail. Dolby Atmos® 3D audio support ensures you’ll hear what’s coming with pinpoint accuracy. 

Bring games to life

Engineered to entertain

Seamlessly smooth gameplay, fast response time, and low input lag. That's only half the picture.

TCL’s AiPQ Engine™ technology uses machine-learning to optimize color, contrast, and clarity, for an unrivaled 4K HDR experience—no matter what you’re playing. A TCL is the easy way to enjoy more of your favorite entertainment.

Engineered to entertain
2022 Game Studio™ Suite

Always a Perfect Playthrough

TCL has a full arsenal of features that optimize big-screen gaming performance, so you have a competitive edge. Game Studio ensures cinema-quality graphics, powerful audio, smooth play, and near-instant responses—everything you need for immersive, next-level gaming.

4K HDR Gaming


Unlock next-level clarity and detail that gives you a clear advantage.

Auto Game Mode ALLM


Fast-action response serious gamers demand—instantly and automatically.

AMD FreeSync TV


Sharp, fluid visuals that put you in the world of your favorite game.

QLED Gaming TV
Game Studio Plus™

5-Series QLED TV

Upgrade to more immersive gaming with over a billion brilliant colors and and incredibly lifelike HDR.

Mini-LED Gaming TV
Game Studio Pro™

6-Series Mini-LED TV

Enjoy eye-popping visuals and our most responsive performance optimized for next-gen consoles and PCs.

Sound Bars

Sounds like victory

With an Alto Sound Bar, you won’t just listen to the game—you’ll truly be immersed in it. Pair powerful picture with Dolby Atmos® 3D audio for a truly cinematic gaming experience.

Sounds like victory

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Still have questions?

You've got questions. We've got answers. Learn how TCL gaming TVs can enhance your gameplay.

  • What TCL TV do I need if I am a gamer?

    Our 4-Series offers 4K HDR gaming with a dedicated Game Mode and a low input lag.

    Upgrading to 5-Series brings enhanced picture with QLED wide color, Dolby Vision HDR, and local dimming powered by Contrast Control Zones™ technology, plus adds Auto Game Mode and Variable Refresh Rate for more advanced gaming performance. 

    The 6-Series is our best gaming TV yet, designed for blazing fast response with VRR up to 144Hz, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certification, plus our best 4K HDR picture performance to date. At TCL, we have a TV for every type of gamer.

  • What is Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM)?

    Simply put, ALLM (known as Auto Low Latency Mode, or our Auto Game Mode) means your TV is always performing it’s best, regardless of what you are watching or playing.²

    For example, when watching Uncharted on Netflix, you can watch it in gorgeous Dolby Vision, with amazing processing, maybe a little Action Smoothing for a great look, and all your colors dialed in to your perfect taste. Then when you start playing the Uncharted GAME on your compatible next-gen console, ALLM will automatically optimize the TV for the best gaming experience. That simplicity is just part of the reason TCL is the Official TV of Call of Duty®!

  • What is AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro?

    As games get more advanced, game designers have a myriad of tools to make their games look and feel more immersive. Amongst those tools is the ability to prefer gaming detail over gameplay speed, and vice versa.

    Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is what lets the designers achieve both goals. If a TV cannot see, and sync up, with this variable refresh rate, unwanted artifacts can interrupt seamless gameplay.

    VRR is awesome, and certification from our partners at AMD means that you can enjoy the best performance when using compatible gaming devices, like the new Xbox Series X that use AMD processors.

    AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro means you will get gaming at 120 Hz (or higher!), High Dynamic Range support for the best colors and brightness, and amazing esoteric features like support for cinematic cutaway low frame rates.

  • What is VRR and how is it beneficial to you?

    The refresh rate, in simple terms, defined by the number of frames per second content is sent to a TV for display. It can be 24 frames per second (24 Hz for a movie), 60 frames (60 Hz for TV shows) and up to 120 frames per second (120 Hz or more!) for video games.

    Game designers now have an array of tools that let them tailor the look of their games, e.g. low frame rate cinematic cutaways, or quickly changing frame rates to emphasize gameplay speed over detail, or vice-versa. All this delivers more immersive gaming for players.

    If a TV cannot recognize, and adapt, to these changing frame rates, you will get unwanted artifacts that will distract you from the game and impair that immersive experience. TCL TVs with VRR will see and adjust to these changes and keep gamers fully involved, well on their way to their next campaign, fastest lap, or highest score!

¹ Gaming features and specs vary by model and screensize. See product detail page for more information.

² Compatible game console required.