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Play like a pro on the big screen

Official TV & Sound Bar of Call of Duty®

Play like a pro on the big screen
Elevate your play

Elevate your play

Unpack the ultimate game room setup, only from the Offical TV & Sound Bar Partner of Call of Duty®.

Big Screen

Go big. Really big.

Dreaming of the ultimate gaming experience?

Imagine an epic world, where every detail is brought to life, and responsive performance is at its peak. Look no further than TCL’s impressive lineup of TVs, including sizes up to a wall-devouring 98-inches to turn that dream into reality. 

Go big. Really big.
Game Accelerator

Warp speed ahead

TCL’s Game Accelerator is your secret weapon for an unparalleled gaming experience.

It delivers lightning-fast refresh rates and offers the unfair advantage: up to 240 Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).1 With Game Accelerator, your games run smoother than ever before. Say goodbye to stutter and lag, and dive headfirst into a world of fast, fluid gameplay that keeps you at the top of your game. 

Warp speed ahead
Auto Game Mode

Levels up–automatically

Gain the competitive edge right from the start.

With Auto Game Mode (ALLM), experience lightning-fast response times and optimized visuals as your TCL TV automatically activates the best picture settings for gaming.2

Levels up–automatically

Truly lifelike

Combining the cinema-grade wide color gamut of QLED with the incredible contrast enhancement of Dolby Vision HDR, you’ll drive into a world where characters are sharper, landscapes are brighter, and even the tiniest details come to life, immersing you like never before.

Truly lifelike

A seamless victory

Experience gaming perfection with AMD FreeSync™.

Whether it’s the smooth panning of scenic vistas, lightning-fast action sequences, or anything in between, FreeSync™ delivers an ultra-smooth visual journey, just as the creator intended. Immerse yourself in fluid gameplay at virtually any frame rate.

A seamless victory
AIPQ Engine™

A pro-level display. Only smarter.

Seamless gameplay, lightning-fast response times, and low input lag are just part of the picture. 

TCL's AiPQ Engine™ technology employs machine learning to elevate color accuracy, contrast, and clarity, for an unmatched 4K gaming TV experience, regardless of your game of choice.

A pro-level display. Only smarter.

Build the Ultimate Gaming Setup

Power your gaming experience with award-winning picture.

QLED Gaming TV
Q Class | Q6


Elevate your play with over a billion brilliant colors and incredibly lifelike HDR.

QLED Gaming TV
Q Class | Q7


Indulge in stunning visuals and experience peak performance tailored for next-gen consoles and PCs. 

Mini-LED Gaming TV
Q Class | QM8

Ultimate 4K Mini LED TV

Experience gaming excellence with a TCL Mini LED TV - where every pixel is a masterpieace. 

Sound Bars

Sounds like victory

Take your gaming to the next level with immersive sound that turns your home entertainment setup into a cinematic gaming adventure.

Sounds like victory
DTS Virtual:X

Sound that surrounds

Experience every lifelike detail - from all directions - with 3D sound powered by DTS Virtual:X. Paired with the immersive clarity of Dolby Audio, this transforms gameplay into a sensory adventure. 

Sound that surrounds
AI Sonic Room Calibration

Adapts to you

Ai Sonic's Intelligent Calibration optimizes sound to match your room's distinct acoustics. Whether you're front and center or nestled in a corner, you'll always enjoy the highest audio quality. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear sound, perfectly tailored to your surroundings. 

Adapts to you

A lineup with range

Transform any space into an epic gaming oasis. Whether it's a compact sound bar for cozy corners or a thunderous 5.1 channel surround sound system for larger-than-life, room-filling audio, we've got audio options to unleash your gaming fantasies. 

A lineup with range


Pair award-winning picture with immersive, high-fidelity sound for an unforgettable playthrough.

S4510 Sound Bar
S Class | S4510

Gaming Made Easy

Immerse yourself in the ultimate gaming experience with sound that surrounds. 

Q6310 Sound Bar
Q Class | Q6310

Elevate Your Playground

Experience a new level of immersion where you'll be drawn into the world of the game like never before.

Q6510 Sound Bar
Q Class | Q6510

Level Up Your Gaming

Build the ultimate gaming setup with true surround sound that intelligently adapts to the room. 


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Still have questions?

You've got questions. We've got answers. Learn how TCL gaming TVs can enhance your gameplay.

  • What TCL TV do I need if I am a gamer?

    If you're a gamer, consider the S Class. The S2 and S3 Class models come equipped with a Game Mode to minimize input lag. Moving up to the S4 Class not only gets you 4K gaming but also an automatic Game Mode activation feature known as Auto Game Mode (ALLM).

    For a top-tier gaming experience, explore our Q Class. Starting with the Q6, you can enjoy Game Accelerator120, delivering up to 120 VRR Gaming. The Q7 and QM8 take it a step further with their native 120Hz panels, allowing for incredible 4K gaming at up to 144Hz. These models also feature the remarkable Game Accelerator 240, a feature typically reserved for dedicated gaming monitors, now available in our most premium TVs. Our Q7 and QM8 TVs boast high gaming standards, offering at least 120Hz native refresh rate, low latency, and compatibility with low-frame rates, SDR, and HDR, ensuring a certified, tear-free, and exceptional gaming experience. Both models proudly carry the AMD FreeSync Premium Pro Certification.

    Additionally, the Q7 and QM8 4K 120Hz TVs offer the TCL Game Bar, providing an in-depth look into the performance of your gaming console/PC and TV, allowing you to maximize your gaming experience.

  • What is Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM)?

    In essence, ALLM, also known as Auto Game Mode, ensures that your TV consistently delivers its optimal performance, regardless of the content you're enjoying.

    For instance, when you're watching a visually stunning series like The Witcher on Netflix, you can indulge in the brilliance of Dolby Vision, enhanced processing, and perhaps a touch of action smoothing to enhance the visuals—all with your preferred color settings.

    However, the magic of ALLM truly shines when you switch over to gaming, perhaps diving into The Witcher video game on your compatible next-gen console. In this scenario, ALLM automatically fine-tunes your TV's settings to provide you with the best possible gaming experience.

    This seamless transition is just one of the reasons why TCL proudly bears the title of the Official TV of Call of Duty®!

  • What is AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro?

    As video games become increasingly sophisticated, game developers wield a multitude of tools to enhance the visual and immersive aspects of their creations. One of these tools allows them to prioritize gaming detail or gameplay speed as needed, striking a balance between the two.

    Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology plays a pivotal role in achieving this equilibrium. It enables game designers to deliver both stunning visual details and smooth, uninterrupted gameplay. However, for VRR to work seamlessly, your TV must be capable of recognizing and synchronizing with this variable refresh rate, preventing undesirable artifacts from disrupting your gaming experience.

    Here's where AMD's FreeSync Premium Pro certification comes into play. When your gaming devices, such as the latest Xbox Series X with AMD processors, are equipped with this certification, you can expect a gaming experience that boasts a 120Hz refresh rate or higher, High Dynamic Range (HDR) support for vibrant colors and enhanced brightness, and even support for cinematic cutaway sequences at low frame rates. In essence, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro ensures that you'll enjoy the utmost in gaming performance and visual excellence.

  • What is VRR and how is it beneficial to you?

    In simple terms, the refresh rate signifies the number of frames per second that content is transmitted to a TV for display. It can range from 24 frames per second (24 Hz for movies) and 60 frames per second (60 Hz for TV shows) to as high as 120 frames per second (120 Hz or more!) for video games.

    Modern game designers have a toolkit at their disposal that allows them to fine-tune the visual aspects of their games. This includes incorporating low frame rate cinematic cutaways or dynamically adjusting frame rates to prioritize gameplay speed or visual detail, catering to diverse player preferences. These creative choices result in a more immersive gaming experience.

    However, the key lies in a TV's ability to recognize and adapt to these changing frame rates. Without this capability, unwanted visual artifacts can emerge, disrupting the gaming experience and diminishing immersion.

    TCL's Gaming TVs equipped with VRR technology stand out in this regard. They can seamlessly detect and adjust to these frame rate variations, ensuring that gamers remain fully engrossed and immersed in their gaming adventures, whether embarking on their next campaign, chasing the fastest lap, or pursuing the highest score.

  • What is Game Accelerator?

    Our Game Accelerator, available in both 120 and 240 versions, empowers our TVs to operate at a frame rate that surpasses the native refresh rate of the display, if desired. However, it's important to note that this higher frame rate may involve a compromise in resolution at these elevated frame rates.

    For instance, with the Q6, Q7, and QM8 models, this translates to the option of gaming at either 120 VRR (on the Q6) or an impressive 240 VRR (on the Q7 and QM8). By accessing the dashboard on your gaming console or PC, you have the flexibility to select either 120Hz (for Q6) or 240Hz (for Q7 and QM8), granting you the opportunity to relish an extraordinary gaming experience characterized by these higher frame rates.

  • Why is Game Bar Helpful?

    For the dedicated and passionate gamers out there, having access to comprehensive information right at their fingertips can significantly enhance the experience. The Game Bar consolidates essential data related to refresh rates, HDR (High Dynamic Range), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), and picture settings into one convenient location, simplifying the gaming process.

    The Game Bar offers valuable insights, including real-time frame rate monitoring, HDR and HLLM (High Luminance Low Latency Mode) status updates, details about the enabled VRR type, and additional user-friendly options. These options encompass the ability to capture a screenshot, swiftly access custom picture modes without interrupting gameplay, and even utilize an Aiming Aid tool.

    In essence, the Game Bar serves as an indispensable companion for gamers, so that you can maximize gaming potential through instant access to critical information and tools.

¹ Features, specs, and certifications vary by model and screensize. See product detail page for more information.

² Compatible game console required.