After being the #2 best-selling TV brand in the U.S. for 5 years in a row, and after finishing an AMAZING year as the Official TV Partner of both the NFL and Call of Duty®, you’d think it would be easy for us to make minor tweaks to our award-winning lineup, rest easy on our industry-defining innovations including the world’s first Mini-LED TV and world’s first big screen Quantum Dot (QLED) TV, and have another great year.

Well, you’d be wrong 😊

For 2024, we have more series, more models, more sizes, bigger sizes (yes! BIGGER!), better performance, and all the great value TCL is known for. Offering all this is sure to continue to keep us amongst the most desirable TVs in the world!

Versatile Screen Sizes

All this excitement, and now I am going to make things screech to a halt by reminding you about our entry TVs. Yes, we know not every application calls for an 98” 4K Mini LED TV….

Because we are vertically integrated, we still offer our most affordable sets with our S Class S2 and S3 TVs.  Great quality, great connectivity, Google TV simplicity. These TVs available from 32” through 43” screen sizes have all the basics covered for that second bedroom, office, or dorm room.

Best TV for Most Users

Last year we touted our S4 TVs for good reason. Being in a segment of the market where most manufacturers have been selling essentially the same model TV for a generation, our S4 really stepped things up. Well, it worked. I believe I read somewhere that we sold roughly a gazillion S4 TVs in 2023. 

Contrary to what you might think, we re-engineered the S4 so much for 2024, we had to rename it. The new S5 now has performance that would shame TVs from just a few short years ago. Fun facts about this exciting new model:

  • It’s over 33% brighter than last year
  • For the first time ever, this S Class has our AIPQ Processor, that will make everything look its best, even older movies and TV shows
  • It has the performance chops to deliver a great experience: Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Atmos Audio, and exceptional color

A Quantum Leap Forward

This brings us to our class of TVs that in 2023 became synonymous with performance, from great up to industry-leading: our Q Class.

Our Q6 Class has expanded with even more choices, adding a 43” screen size and a 98” screen size, for those who want QLED performance on both ends of the size spectrum, adding our High Brightness+ backlight, and with gaming features such as Game Accelerator 120 for 120 VRR Gaming, Auto Game Mode (ALLM), and new for 2024, our Game Bar is available starting on the Q6, with specific quick-access to gaming features and settings demanding gamers deserve!

Our Q68 Class adds the High Brightness Pro Backlight and the magic of full array local dimming, which lets you have the blackest blacks and whitest whites on screen at the same time!


Last year, our Q7 redefined accessible premium performance.  This year our QM7 and QM8 series redefine premium performance to take on all-comers! 

The QM7 is the starting point for our QD-Mini LED class of TVs. With up to 2400 nits of peak brightness and up to 1500+ zones of local dimming, this QLED-powered monster is in the same performance envelope as our flagship from last year! Add a 120Hz native panel, 4K/144Hz gaming, our Game Accelerator 240 for blistering 240 VRR gaming, our new AIPQ Pro processor to control all that performance, and you have flagship performance for a new year. I’m also excited to announce that this is our first QD-Mini LED TV available in a 55” screen size, and it will also power home theaters with an amazing 98” screen size option!

Raising the bar—again

Having the QM7 in the same space at our previous flagship, the QM8 this year leaves a vacancy at the top of our line. Enter QM851. Staggering specs are one thing: up to 5000+ nits of peak brightness! Up to 5000+ zones of local dimming! This is all artfully handled by our AIPQ Pro Processor which will deliver artifact-free picture processing and exceptional control of those 5000 zones and nits! A 2.1 channel speaker system with Dolby Vision IQ, IMAX Enhanced Certification and screen sizes from 65” all the way up to a 98” screen size for those who want theater-like viewing in lieu of a projector!

But what if you want an ULTIMATE home theater experience? The ULTIMATE Gaming experiences? The ULTIMATE way to watch the Super Bowl?!

For 2024, TCL has the ULTIMATE answer: the 115QM891.  Not only is this the world’s largest QD-Mini LED TV, but it also has model exclusive features like 20 thousand zones of local dimming, for pinpoint accuracy and control of your picture. Add QLED color and run it all through our AIPQ Ultimate Processor to make sure movies, sports and games, all look their best.

Choose more

Being vertically integrated essentially means, “we make our own stuff.” And while that can sometimes be a challenge to illustrate, the 2024 TCL lineup perfectly showcases that unique capability—and what that means for our users.

From a super affordable 32” TV, to the ULTIMATE home theater 115” TV, you can see the benefits of not having to buy off-the-shelf stuff from other suppliers. 

We design it, we engineer it, we make it, we test it, we deliver it. 2024 is going to be a GREAT year for our users. We are ready!