2020 TCL Sound Bars: “Wow! Connecting a sound bar using only one wire! It can’t get any easier than that!”

2021 TCL Sound Bars: “Hold on!  We can top that!”

We have been making high-quality audio products for nearly two decades.  Our talented engineers (we have some with an actual Golden Ear—who would have thought that was a real thing?! ) work tirelessly to bring our users the seemingly conflicting benefits of amazing sophistication and amazing ease-of-use. 

Our entire line of Alto sound bars has much to offer. From a compact 2.0 channel sound bar that fits nearly any room, to our award-winning Alto 9+ with RAY·DANZ technology to deliver an ultra-wide soundstage, to our growing lineup of sound bars with immersive Dolby Atmos 3D sound, we have something for just about everyone. 

But how can we improve on one-wire connection of our Roku TV Ready sound bars?

Introducing the TCL Alto R1, a sound bar that wirelessly connects to your TCL Roku TV! It’s designed to work seamlessly and exclusively with Roku TVs.

Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. But let’s take a look at the sound bar before diving into the magic of how it works.

Stunning Sound

The Alto R1 is a great sound bar meant to add simplicity, convenience, and better audio than what comes standard in your TV.  It is a 2.0 channel sound bar, meaning there are stereo speakers that work with Dolby Digital sound coming from today’s movies and TV shows to deliver clear audio, and improved fidelity. 

In addition to connecting to your TCL Roku TV, you get the convenience of Bluetooth® connectivity (Fun Fact: Bluetooth was named after Harald Bluetooth, the 10th century Danish King famous for unifying Denmark).  This means that you can start playing music on your phone from your favorite streaming services and with the touch of a button, send the audio to the sound bar, so everyone can enjoy!

Wireless Pairing

So, what DON’T you get with the Alto R1? A remote…an HDMI cable…an optical cable…a power button…a network setup instruction sheet… 

The absence of all of these items speaks to the strength of this sound bar and how seamlessly it connects to your TCL Roku TV.

Just for fun I set one up without even looking at the Quick Start Guide (still…always use the Quick Start Guide). By simply plugging it in for power, the setup process is automatically started through the TV, and with the sound bar talking and walking me through it!

Having the TV remote in hand allowed me to pair the sound bar, update its software through the TV (very cool), and then have all the audio options for tailoring the sound of the Alto R1 automatically embedded within the menus of the TV, right alongside the picture settings.

To start things off on the right foot, when you’re done (like a minute later!) a really fun, awesome-sounding demo clip starts to play, showing off what a great sounding sound bar it is!

Easy Listening

So, after the simple, fast, wireless installation, the rest is even more seamless!  When you simply power up the TV, it wakes up the sound bar. From there, volume, settings, etc. are all done just like the sound bar were part of the TV. There are settings for Bass, Treble, and other specialized sound modes, even things like a Night Mode, for watching when your partner is sleeping. 

Plus, every word of your entertainment comes through with crisp, clear dialogue and you’ll enjoy audio that’s in seamless sync with the picture–exactly the way it should be.

The magic is not having to reach around the back of the TV to connect your HDMI cable. You also don't need to hide the wires neatly once it's connected. You don’t need to make sure your sound bar is on the right input! All the convenience and benefits of a sound bar, with none of the hassle!

At less than the width of a yardstick, it is easy to seamlessly integrate with nearly any TCL Roku TV.  You even have the option (with an included template and wall mounting kit) to integrate your Alto R1 on the wall with your TCL Roku TV.

Looks like TCL has done it again. With our vision of bringing joy and simplicity through the thoughtful execution of technology, we took a challenge some customers were struggling with—hooking up their sound bar—and eliminated it!

So, with one power cord, and a few easy-to-follow on-screen prompts, before you know it, you’ll be able to enjoy more.