You've been wondering, and the answer is YES! Apple TV is coming to your TCL Roku TV

This channel, rolling out soon to all supported TCL Roku TV models, provides access to all of Apple's video content and will also serve as the home for their new streaming service, Apple TV Plus, which is rolling out on November 1st. For those wondering, Apple TV Plus is a separate paid service priced at $4.99 a month that will feature 9 original series right out of the gate. So, to clarify, since it is still a bit confusing, having access to the free Apple TV channel does not give you access to the paid Apple TV Plus service. What it does do is simply serve as the home for Apple TV Plus if you were to opt to pay for it.

The question you're still needing answering is… "What exactly does this channel offer for those who aren't Apple TV Plus subscribers?" The app allows you either rent or buy movies and TV shows via Apple’s iTunes service, as well as let you watch any iTunes content that you may have already purchased. Within the channel, you can also subscribe to add-on services, like HBO, Showtime and Starz, without having to go into another app or channel. This feature is helpful and prevents you from having to jump around to too many different channels, but it doesn’t exactly work for everything. The majority of third-party services will prompt you to jump over to the respective channel in order to view that content.

Now, if you’re ready to get started with the Apple TV Channel on your TCL Roku TV, then check out the steps below:

  • Start at the main menu and scroll to Streaming Channels and then scroll down to Search Channels
  • From the Search Menu, search for 'Apple TV' or you can use the Roku voice remote or Roku app on your mobile device.
  • Add the channel and once it’s downloaded you can load it up and log in with your account by scrolling to settings
  • Once in settings, go to Accounts and you can sign in via your TCL Roku TV or mobile device
  • To log in via mobile device either enter your information by using a QR code or by visiting the website
  • Then you’re all set to access any shows or movies you have in your collection or you can buy and rent TV shows and movies as well