It’s the time of year most sports fans dream of! The Big Game. What started out with 32 teams months ago has all boiled down to one game, one score, one final winner! How can you make sure that you get the most out of the game this year? Whether you have a big group of friends coming over, or you want to enjoy it alone, there are many things you can do to make sure it’s unforgettable!

TV sales are always really exciting this time of year, and even if your team didn’t make it, you can use this chance to get a GREAT deal on a new TV! In my 20 years of retail, one solid piece of advice I gave that never came back to haunt me was, “Buy a TV one-size bigger than you think you need.” TVs shrink a bit over time.  If you’re replacing an old 49” and think a 55” would be a nice bump up, get the 65”! You won’t regret it.

Did you know that this year is the first time EVER that the Big Game will be available in 4K Ultra HD? Every bead of sweat, every blade of grass, seeing if the refs got the spot right…all will look AMAZING with 4 times the resolution of your best regular high definition signal.  Also, for the first time, depending on your signal source, you can watch the game in breathtaking HDR on select TCL TVs. An amazing breadth of colors will explode on-screen!

So, how can you watch it?  Of course, your current cable or satellite subscription will have the game on Fox, but if you are amongst the growing number of cord cutters, you’ll be happy to know you can still enjoy the game.

You can also turn to cable alternatives such as YouTube TV, Philo, Fubo, DirecTV Now, each of which have programming packages that will allow you to get the game. Many even have free trials or introductory offers, so check each source for details.

Or, you can rock it old school with a digital antenna (which is now new school)! Getting yourself an antenna lets you enjoy free over-the-air HD channels, and Fox in many markets is a quick channel scan away! Don’t forget that your TCL TV lets you pause and rewind live TV for when the wings are ready!

And let’s not forget that you want to not only see those great hits, you want to FEEL them! Between the clarity of the announcers, to the rowdy fun that is always there at the halftime show, you’ll want great sound to match your great picture! TCL has an awesome selection of sound bars that are easy to connect and will really give you great sound without breaking the bank! (Hint…get one with the subwoofer!)

So which TCL TV will suit your needs best?  Here’s a really quick look:

  • 3-Series: Smaller sizes, High definition, built-in Roku, Great budget TV – Simply Smart
  • 4-Series: Sizes up to 75”, 4K Ultra HD – Stunning Picture
  • 5-Series: Sizes up to 65”, Wide Color, HDR with Dolby Vision – Premium Picture
  • 6-Series: Sizes up to 75”, Amazing brightness and contrast, Contrast Control Zones, Amazing color – Powerful Performance
  • 8-Series: Sizes up to 75”, our BEST YET! Mini-LED backlight, unmatched contrast, incredible brightness – Always Brilliant

No matter your budget or taste, TCL will have the right TV for you. So, get the nachos ready, choose between a pilsner or an IPA, spread the dips out and get ready for an amazing game! Enjoy!